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The United States has one of the longest national leadership campaign timeframes in the world, and the campaign for the presidency is just one of the hundreds of campaigns underway in the U.S. at any time. Local elections determine who will serve as judges, sheriffs. Cities have elections for mayors and councilors. Even school boards are composed of elected members.

Political campaigns are not the only type of campaign people operate, either. Nonprofit organizations run fundraising campaigns so that they can finance their operations. With the volume of campaigns competing for people’s attention, you may be concerned about how to effectively disperse information about your campaign. Fortunately, there are several tech tools that can help you manage your campaign and reach voters.

Personalized Texts


Peerly is a leading peer to peer (P2P) text service provider. Texts can be sent to multiple people simultaneously, but it also allows one-on-one text conversations with individuals. In addition to facilitating text communication, Peerly also has a survey builder. The information gathered via the survey app can be transferred directly to your customer relationship management (CRM) software. You can use it to identify issues that are important to your contacts, create a list of donors, and identify voters who may need transportation on election day.



Commercials can reach a large number of voters with your message. You can trust you have professional, quality commercials by using an expert videography company in Los Angeles to create videos. Video ads can be distributed on television networks, some streaming services, and social media. You can also use video production experts to make longer videos addressing voter issues.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools your campaign can use. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can reach large groups of people simultaneously. You can also use Sprout Social and Hootsuite to create posts and schedule content for several social media apps, including YouTube and Facebook. Other tools, such as Zapier, can be used to upload photos and create Instagram and Pinterest posts. These apps simplify the process of creating social media content and distributing it as efficiently as possible.



Newsletter apps can open up the door to email marketing. Email marketing is a direct marketing method that enables you to control your communication with people who have expressed interest in your campaign. You can use links to direct people to surveys or prompt online donations. MailChimp and Sendicate are two popular newsletter tools. Some newsletter apps can also be used to post to social media.

Canvassing Apps


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Canvassing apps, such as ECanvasser, perform multiple functions. They use maps to guide volunteers to ensure they reach all potential donors or voters. Volunteers can also be tracked while they are canvassing. These apps allow canvassers to compile data from voters and complete surveys. Information canvassers gather can be uploaded directly to some CRM programs. Canvassing apps can also provide prompts for volunteers to use, such as critical talking points relevant to your campaign. Organizer and Polis App are also popular canvassing apps.

Customized Software


CRM software may also be combined with a content management system (CMS) software through programs like NationBuilder. This software is designed to help you with everything from website creation to overseeing volunteer activities. You will be able to track the efforts of your whole team with CRM and CMS software. These programs can also be used for fundraising and process donations. Customized software can help ensure that campaign details are not overlooked, that all potential areas are canvassed, and that volunteer duties do not overlap.

Phone Management Tools


One way to reach donors and voters is by phone. Customized phone management tools can save you time by automatically dialing numbers. You can store data and transfer information directly to your CRM programs. Phone management tools can also be used remotely, enabling volunteers to make calls from home. This can save your campaign money because you will not need to rent a large facility for callers to use during the campaign.

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