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As of April 2020, 4.57 billion people worldwide regularly used the Internet. 3.81 billion people were also active on social media.

The Internet can pose specific safety risks for users. Individuals may be bullied. Hackers may unlawfully access your personal information, which can be used to steal your identity.

There are also specific benefits the Internet offers users. With the right tools and precautions, the Internet can be utilized to safely and effectively meet your physical, personal, security, and health needs.

Meeting Your Physical Needs

One of the most basic survival needs includes food. As the use of the Internet has expanded, more people have engaged in online shopping. In November 2019, consumers in the United States spent more than $50 billion online. (THat’s crazy, right?)

Consumers can order almost all essential products online. Grocery stores, online shopping companies, and large discount retailers all offer food and beverages that can be delivered to your home or that you can retrieve from a designated pick up area outside the store. These retailers enable individuals to fulfill their personal needs through online shopping without setting foot inside a store.

Having a roof over your head is also an essential survival need. Companies have integrated security systems on their websites that allow clients to pay bills online. This means that clients do not need to leave their home to pay their electric bill or mortgage. You can take screenshots or download your proof of payment and automatically store this data on your computer. You do not need to worry about losing a receipt and can monitor your account regularly to ensure payments have been processed.

Meeting Your Personal Needs

Individuals who live far from family and friends can use video chat apps to communicate directly. The COVID-19 social distancing and shelter in place regulations in 2020 underscored the need for technology that allows face-to-face communication from the comfort and safety of a person’s home. Human contact is a critical need. With a webcam and video chat programs, such as Skype or Zoom, individuals are able to meet their communication needs via video calls.

Have you been waiting for the right time to go back to school? If so, you’re in luck. Thanks to modern tech, you can learn about virtually anything, from cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to accounting through an online course. CPR training online can fulfill academic and workplace requirements. CPR training teaches you how to respond in an emergency situation if someone stops breathing or goes into cardiac arrest. Nurses, paramedics, and daycare workers are just some of the professionals who are required to have CPR certification.

Meeting Your Security Needs

Home security systems can be connected to the Internet so that you can be automatically alerted if they are triggered. You can log in and view live video feeds over the Internet to ensure that your property is safe and secure. They are also designed to notify the authorities of a security concern. This prevents delays in responding to intruders on your property. The ability to speak to potential burglars through these security systems can also help deter illegal activity.

Workplace security is also crucial. Many companies have websites that link to databases that gather and update sensitive data, such as financial information about clients or medical information about patients. Large companies may also need to have their site accessible to multiple clients simultaneously. A virtual private server (VPS) can be used to safely host your website and site data. When you invest in a VPS you will have exclusive access to the server, which means your site’s response time will not be affected by the use of other sites that share your server. This can ensure efficient response time and keep your company’s data secure.

Meeting Your Health Needs

Telemedicine refers to providing healthcare services via the Internet or phone. Medical professionals were required to expand telemedicine services during the COVID-19 health crisis. This enabled doctors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals to continue to provide direct patient care without the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

Professional therapists also provide direct patient care through online counseling sessions. Individuals can join therapy groups or they can opt to participate in individual sessions. You may not be able to attend a meeting or appointment in person for a number of reasons, including quarantine regulations or schedule conflicts. Individuals may also have to travel for work and worry about gaps in their therapy. Online therapy enables individuals to continue to receive mental health support when they are unable to attend sessions in person.

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