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When you begin to prioritize making your automotive shop as efficient as possible, the results might include reduced maintenance expenses, and increased operational effectiveness. It can also increase productivity, lengthen the service life of equipment and fleet vehicles, and eliminate or limit forced outage time. Here are some tips for increasing efficiency in your shop to get these results.

1. Improve visibility

Do you know what is in your automotive shop at all times? Improve the visibility of your assets because if you can’t determine your inventory and operations, you might not manage or improve overall efficiency. Gaining visibility should be a bottom-up process that demands you to have an overview of everything, including:

  • Parts inventory
  • Shop equipment
  • Service histories
  • Vehicles
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Capabilities of technicians
  • Warranty coverage

Take time to assess how you currently measure and track the availability of assets, costs, and staffing. Furthermore, measure and track all expenses associated with the shop facility, maintenance, a vehicle, or a repair event. Measure the average time it takes to locate a part when an employee needs it because time is money. If you can identify where you should improve, then take quick steps to fix the problems and resolve the issue.

2. Take advantage of on-site training


Apart from automotive and diesel certifications, on-site training for your mechanics is also essential. To ensure the safety of equipment operators and technicians, ensure your workforce is up to date on best practices concerning efficient usage of tools, equipment, and products.

Training might also decrease cycle time and enhance total efficiency. Some professional services offer low cost certifications or free educational meetings and conferences to members.

3. Embrace technology

The application of digital technology is growing rapidly. Thus, it’s necessary that you, too, keep up and utilize software platforms. They can put your business at par or even ahead of your rivals. For instance, using wireless multi-point vehicle checkups dramatically reduces a technician’s time, which increases their productivity. It also eases the technician’s work, thus boosting their willingness and ability to be more efficient and productive.

Furthermore, instead of guessing when clients will return for vehicle services, some auto-repair software tools analyze vehicle-driving history and forecast precisely when to set the next appointments. The software produces the next visit date. You can schedule it on your shop’s calendar and print a copy on the windshield as a reminder sticker.

Administration and human resources management can be challenging, especially for a big firm. You might need a management tool to help you communicate and track the performance of your business employees. For instance, OKRs software can help you to achieve your objectives as a manager. The software can help you set, communicate, track, and measure goals and results within your business.

4. Decrease employee turnover rate

A low employee turnover rate is always a good thing. Consistency and reliability are particularly essential and tough to achieve if your employees’ turnover rate is high. New, inexperienced workers might need guidance and training, which can be time-consuming. Effective methods of decreasing your worker turnover rate might include:

  • Treating them with respect (this is a must)
  • Giving excellent benefits, incentives, and perks
  • Paying them well
  • Offering recreational facilities
  • Offering them paid leaves
  • Insuring them

Customers are more satisfied working with you when they receive the same high-quality service from the same technicians and mechanics whenever they visit your shop. Trust issues arise when an automotive shop has a new mechanic working on a client’s vehicle whenever they come in for services.

5. Appreciate your staff

Research shows that feeling appreciated lowers stress, improves health, and minimizes the chances of being sick. This improves productivity, especially at work. As a manager, show your employees that they’re appreciated. Let them feel comfortable working for you. This will increase overall productivity, thus driving your automotive business to greater heights.

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