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Tattoo removal is a procedure done to remove a spot of unwanted ink. Some of the common methods used to get rid of an unwanted tattoo include laser treatment, dermabrasion, and surgical tattoo removal. Tattoo removal treatment is a complicated procedure because once you get a tattoo, the tattoo ink settles right below the top layer of the skin. This is why tattoo removal requires a number of sessions to completely get rid of the ink. Laser tattoo removal is gaining popularity over other tattoo removal methods. Below, we explore some reasons for its popularity.

1. The Relationship Ended


Love, especially when it’s young, can be a heady and blinding experience. Young love is full of hope and sometimes leads us to believe that we’ll be with our partner forever. While forever may be in the cards for both of you, it isn’t always a guarantee. However, young love is never rational, so while getting your lover’s name or initials tattooed somewhere on your body can feel like a promise of forever, not all relationships are permanent. When relationships end, most people don’t like to be constantly reminded of their ex, and this is why tattoo removal is so popular these days.

2. A Change in Beliefs


Wisdom comes with age, and the older we get, the more likely we are to interrogate belief systems we once cherished. For instance, it makes sense for reformed gang members who want to distance themselves from their chequered past to want to have their tattoos removed. Additionally, reformed white supremacists may also want to get their tattoos removed to distance themselves from their outdated and racially offensive tattoos. If an individual no longer professes a faith they once held on to, they may want to get rid of obvious religious symbols such as a cross, a Buddhist symbol, or a Quranic scripture.

3. Faded Ink

Over time, a tattoo’s color can fade. If the tattoo is placed in an area that experiences a lot of friction, say, on the hands or neck, the more susceptible it would be to fading. In some cases, the color of your tattoo can also affect its appearance. For instance, if it has green and red pigment, this color may fade over time, as opposed to a tattoo that only has one color pigment.

Additionally, exposure to the sun and other elements can also fade even the best quality tattoos. If the tattoo has lost its appeal, having it removed might be a good idea.

4. A New Job


Switching careers is another reason why tattoo removal is growing in popularity. Many corporate and military roles today ask new hires to have no visible tattoos. What this means is that any wrist, hand, or neck tattoos will all have to be removed. If you work at a conservative company, a visible tattoo may be keeping you from a promotion. While tattoos no longer have the stigma they used to have, some HR departments still judge employees and potential hires because of their tattoos.

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