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When appliances, technological devices, and other items become outdated, obsolete, or require updates, we upgrade or replace them. For example, most homeowners replace old or broken kitchen appliances with new and improved ones. Likewise, a mobile phone, laptop, personal computer, and tablet will give users regular notices to update the device software, as updated software improves functioning.

The Australian government made upgrades of its own by creating the National Broadband Network (NBN). The NBN, a nationwide open-access data network, improves telecommunications and technology by replacing old phone and Internet networks and technological infrastructure. This change is beneficial, considering the Internet’s prevalence. Statistics show that Internet and social media usage experience significant annual increases, with the next year having more users than the last year. Using the NBN will give any Australian home or business reliable, high-speed Internet access and connection. Australian residents should be aware that the switch to the NBN isn’t automatic, so they must make the change at their earliest convenience. Per the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), services residents don’t cancel or move to the NBN will lose connection.


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Most Australians with a fixed-line Internet or phone service will have to switch to the NBN, as it’s replacing Telstra’s copper networks. According to the ACCC, consumers who receive phone and Internet services from competing companies won’t have to switch to the NBN network. Using the NBN Co website, new customers can see which services are facing replacement and what few services aren’t. Some devices, such as medical alarms and fire alarms, won’t be compatible with a new NBN plan. Landline phones are incompatible with the NBN and won’t work in a power blackout. A modem, TV, and Wi-Fi router can connect over the NBN, but people should have a battery backup for them that will allow them to work when there’s no power.


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When NBN Internet becomes available in an area, NBN Co will turn off the existing network. People can determine if NBN service is available in their area by using NBN Co’s address checker. If so, they can move their data services to the NBN. In areas where the NBN isn’t available yet, people can see approximations of when the service will be available. Residents who receive NBN Co notifications informing them that they can move to the NBN will have 90 days, up to 18 months, to obtain an NBN plan through a retail service provider (RSP) or telcos, such as Telstra, Optus, TPG, Vodafone, or Tangerine.

Each NBN plan available offers different upload speeds, download speeds, data allowance, and unlimited data options. The four rates offered are basic evening speed, standard evening speed, standard plus evening speed, and premium evening speed. When choosing a plan, customers should be aware of any limitations that could impede their connection. They should also know the typical evening speed and peak time speed estimated for their broadband service from seven to 11 p.m., the peak busy hours. Additional information for Australians to know is the maximum speed their service can attain if their connection uses fixed-line copper wiring, such as fibre to the building connection or fibre to the node connection.

People should use a reputable resource, such as iSelect, to learn about the NBN network and pick the right NBN plan. This website makes comparisons easy, saving users some time, by researching information regarding NBN plans, Internet bundles, and telcos, and compiling it on an easy to understand website. Trained, knowledgeable consultants help customers understand their options and assist them in filtering their choices based on their Internet consumption, bandwidth needs, desire for unlimited data, and other features they deem necessary to their household or business. Following the tips on this site, Australians will know how to make a successful move to the network. To choose the best NBN plan from the best retailer, compare NBN plans with iSelect.

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