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Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to send tweets of 180 characters or less. Currently, 330 million people worldwide are registered to use Twitter. Although Instagram has more users worldwide, a smaller percentage of its users are located in the United States.

Twitter users send half a billion tweets every day and the concentration of American account holders makes it an ideal platform for companies to do business on. As technology has evolved, companies have been able to integrate social media platforms such as Twitter into their customer service channels, making it an effective resource for customer service departments.

How To Provide Effective Customer Service With Twitter

Over 20% of the more than 200 million adults in the United States are active on Twitter. This means that companies can reach 80 million American adults through this platform. Businesses that have international clients can effectively reach an even larger consumer base. With clear guidelines in place for social media use, businesses can effectively reach a wide audience.

Customer Assistance

Companies that utilize the latest technology can establish a call center QA that allows input from multiple sources. Customers can use a variety of communication channels when seeking assistance. These channels include email, text, telephone and social media platforms, such as Twitter. With effective omnichannel quality assurance in place a business can handle incoming communications that can be forwarded appropriately so that qualified professionals can answer questions or assist them with issues.

Accessing Staff Information

Twitter users often provide information about themselves that can be used by companies to ensure customers receive professional service. Human resource departments can compile a user’s data and use the services of Go Look Up to ensure that they are hiring reputable individuals who do not have a criminal record. Researching potential employees is an important step to ensure that financial or personal information about your clients cannot be accessed by people who may unlawfully use this information Protecting your clients is part of providing exceptional customer services and protecting your business.

Targeted Advertising

Businesses can use social media platforms to learn about their clientele. They can track customer service interactions and user account information to learn about everything from their customers’ political views to their interests and spending habits. Companies can also determine other factors about their customers, such as their race, age, and gender. This data can be used to tailor advertising to their audience, institute policies designed to increase customer satisfaction and ensure appropriate sensitivity training for staff so that they do not demonstrate racist, ageist or sexist views.

Benefits Of Using Twitter

Companies should use Twitter because of the ease of access to a large clientele. It is also a social media platform that is easy to navigate. Most accounts can be publicly accessed by anyone, which makes it possible for businesses to reach outside their existing client base to attract new customers. It also has some specific features that are advantageous for customer service professionals.


A hashtag is created by adding the number key sign to a word or phrase. Twitter users can search the site with a hashtag or set up their account to follow a hashtag. This means they will automatically see posts with the hashtag in their Twitter feed. Hashtags that are frequently used can trend on Twitter, which means that they are listed as a trending topic of discussion on the site’s sidebar. You can create an appropriate hashtag for specials or promotions and use it to relay details to existing and potential customers.


Utilizing Twitter allows companies to respond quickly to client concerns. The site provides notifications to users to alert them to responses to their tweets. You will also receive notice of any new tweets that are addressed to the company’s account. The immediacy of the site ensures you can respond to consumer needs or concerns without delay. You will also be notified of any direct messages you receive from clients, ensuring that these can be answered immediately.

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