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Having a home infested with pests is no laughing matter. There’s something about knowing that creepy crawlers are lurking in your home that gives you an irritated, itchy feeling all over. Most homeowners didn’t have pest control as a future hobby or career path when they bought their house, but sometimes, the critters come with the territory.

Even though homeowners are bound to encounter pests, that doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by and let the critters win. Whether the problem is spiders, scorpions, roaches, or wasps, there are ways homeowners and business owners can reclaim their territory and peace of mind. Continue reading for some tips for dealing with uninvited creepy crawlers.

Don’t let food sit out overnight.


Ants and roaches are like any other living thing in that they love a free meal. Whenever food is left sitting out overnight, whether it’s crumbs or entire dishes, the crawlers will drop in for some chow.

If you have an infestation of insects like ants, flies, and roaches, you and your family are more than likely the sources of the pest problem. The best way to prevent the advancement of bugs into your inner sanctum is to clean up after yourself following every meal.

One of the best things about cleaning messes as you make them is that they don’t get the chance to pile up and become disaster areas. The longer you let dirty dishes pile up, the less you’ll want to wash them. While the ants and roaches will be glad to clean your dishes for you, the fact that you’re reading this article means that’s not what you want.

Always wash your dishes and wipe clean any surfaces before going to bed at night. Insects are also attracted to food particles in trash cans, so you should wash and rinse your indoor garbage can at least once a week.

Termite prevention is the best way to deal with termites.


If you’ve ever been witness to what termites can do to a home, you know an infestation of these wood-munching critters is nothing to play around with. The best way to handle termites is to keep them away from your home at all costs.

If you have flowers and mulch in your yard, you should put your flower bed and mulch at least 4 inches away from your house. Furthermore, if you have vinyl siding on your home, you want it to be at least 6 inches off the ground. In short, you want to create a barrier between your home and any soil or wood.

If you find yourself dealing with a termite infestation, your best bet is to call Ky-Ko Pest Prevention to get termite control services from the pros. Ky-Ko Pest Prevention’s pest control technicians are well-trained and adept at dealing with various pests, but they specialize in termite control.

Watch for snakes in the grass!


Snakes are among the most feared of pests. Serpents don’t enter households frequently, but most people would consider it a good thing if they could keep them out of the yard, too. Besides, with so many fulfilling careers in pharmaceuticals and academia, what pest-weary homeowner wants to practice snake wrangling in their free time?

The best way to keep snakes from slithering into your yard is to keep your yard well-maintained and cut low and keep your house clean. When snakes wander onto residential properties, they’re usually looking for food and shelter. If you have food laying around in your yard or house, it will attract rodents, and the rodents will attract snakes. Clean and mow your lawn regularly, and be sure not to leave any potential hiding places for snakes.

If you want to keep pests away from your home and family, the best thing you can do is make cleanliness a priority. Additionally, you should contract pest prevention services at the start of each spring to fortify your home against creepy crawly intruders.

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