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Running a nonprofit organization (NPO) certainly isn’t without its challenges. Fundraising, communicating, collaborating, and reaching out to potential donors and volunteers are just a few of the daily objectives. Luckily, there are plenty of new technology solutions that you can take advantage of to reach these goals. Here are a few of the tech solutions that your NPO should be using:

1. Communication Platforms

With more people working from home than ever before, business communications solutions (BCS) are taking a virtual approach to keep employees and clients connected. This BCS strategy is perfect for nonprofits, where you have to communicate and collaborate across departments to keep the ship running. Integrative BCS software can not only improve workplace communication, but can also increase efficiency and productivity.

Having a single business communications solutions system, that incorporates video conferencing, phone systems, and team management is a great way to streamline the entire organization. You can even set it up so that you get an email copy of any important voicemails. Keeping your team on the same page is absolutely crucial, so not having a BCS strategy — especially now — just isn’t an option.

2. Fundraising Tools

Among the top characteristics of a successful nonprofit are strong fundraising and revenue-building strategies. As the saying goes, “cash is king.” Just like any business, you need money for a nonprofit organization to actually function. Streamlining business communication ensures that your team can develop strong fundraising and marketing concepts. Still, they’ll need additional digital tools to bring those ideas to fruition, especially given the challenges of COVID-19.

Innovative, customizable online software like the Engaging Networks platform is designed specifically for these needs. At engagingnetworks.net, project managers can create free page templates and donation forms, send gifts to recurring donors, and integrate data from databases like Salesforce. You can even insert one-click donation forms into emails to boost conversions.

3. Data Management Software and eCRM

Every organization keeps records, which means they have lots of data assets that they can analyze and make valuable. An effective data management strategy is essential in any business these days, but it’s particularly important for nonprofits. This digital strategy can help you achieve several objectives, such as:

  • Supporting marketing strategies and boosting donations.
  • Creating new opportunities for outreach.
  • Establishing strong, personalized relationships with donors.

Integrating data management into your marketing and communication software is easier now, more than ever. As mentioned above, Engaging Networks can integrate your current database record into their system, but they also offer their own data management and electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) services if you don’t already have them. Their data management tools include visual reporting, geotargeting, an advanced query builder, and much more.

4. Outreach Solutions

Community outreach is another essential component of a successful nonprofit organization. It’s different from marketing in that outreach is meant to inform and educate the public on what your organization is about — but that can certainly generate more donations too. Nonprofits are coming up with new ways to support their outreach strategies all the time, and one effective method is sharing short videos on social media. A great explainer video is a powerful form of storytelling that can create deeper relationships with your target audience and generate more digital engagement.

Working with a video production service is the best solution for creating professional video content that supports your outreach strategies. Video production companies can also help you create marketing videos, add visual effects, and more. Video content that includes visuals like motion graphics effectively conveys your organization’s mission and passion.

From customizable donation pages to creative social media videos, your nonprofit organization can use technology to meet its goals and streamline day-to-day operations. In fact, in today’s digital world, you can’t really operate without it.

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