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The move toward a green lifestyle is important—and necessary—for many reasons, especially in the year 2020. Many environmental issues, such as the emissions of greenhouse gases and ocean pollution, have come hand in hand with the advancement of society.

Making the move toward green energy and other eco-friendly living techniques will help you make a positive environmental impact and allow you to lead a healthier life. Educating yourself on the best ways to go about an eco-friendly lifestyle is a great way to begin this new healthy chapter in your life. Here are ten reasons why this is the best move for you and for the world.

1. You’ll save on energy and water bills.

Energy and water bills can be quite costly, so why not reduce them while helping the environment at the same time? Switching to energy sources such as solar panels and relying on a flexible pricing plan can help drastically decrease your energy bill. Even doing something as simple as turning off the lights every time you leave a room and washing your laundry with cold water will help bring your electric bill and water bill down while helping the environment.

It’s also important to reduce your water usage by taking shorter showers and not running the faucet for the entire time you are doing your dishes. This decrease in water usage will both reduce your water bill and your negative impact on aquatic ecosystems. You can compare electricity plans and water plans at iSelect.com, where you can determine which eco-friendly lifestyle works best for you. Additionally, relying on online video storage and cloud storage like google drive will help you eliminate the need for wasteful flash drives for your videos.


2. It’s better for the environment.

Simply put, going green is a great thing to do for the environment. While this may seem obvious, many people are blind to the fact that their lifestyles have a negative environmental impact. Even seemingly innocent things like annually updating your mobile device or desktop computer could be damaging to the environment.

A cluttered inbox can pose risks to the environment, as it takes up unnecessary cloud storage. While this may seem like it wouldn’t impact the environment, it’s important that when you choose the best cloud storage option for your needs you aren’t filling it with useless information. Any useless email or file that is not properly deleted will increase your carbon footprint more than you realize. Regularly organizing and clearing out your cloud storage is a great cloud storage solution for you and keeps your lifestyle greener.


3. Your home’s value will increase.

Given the popular move toward green living, making your home more sustainable will do wonders for your property value. Purchasing an eco-friendly home is a fantastic investment for your own financial gain, your health, and the environment. So making the move toward living green is a great idea for many reasons.


4. It’s better for your health.

Eliminating harmful toxins from your home is one of the many pros of going green. The majority of popular cleaning products and toiletries contain harmful materials that can pose a risk to the health of yourself and your family members. By eliminating these products and switching to organic and eco-friendly products, you are doing yourself, your family members, and the environment a huge favor.


5. It reduces your carbon footprint.

Any environmentally positive changes you make will help reduce your carbon footprint – a calculation of the greenhouse gasses you emit either actively or by association. Whether you’re carpooling to work with friends, riding your bike to the local market, or switching to natural cleaning products, the environment will thank you for it. There’s no reason not to make any of these life adjustments if the result is as significant as reducing your carbon footprint.


6. It improves the air quality in your home.

Eliminating your use of harmful toxins and other similar products will help clear up the air in your home. Even choosing eco-friendly candles as opposed to mass-produced candles will help your air be cleaner. Adding house plants is also a great way to go green and make your air quality healthier. Since a home is supposed to be a safe place for you and your family members, why not guarantee fresh and healthy air?


7. Green homes are adaptable and built to last.

Since green homes are reliable and built to last, why not make the switch? Not only does this switch help you avoid having to pay for unnecessary home maintenance every few years, but it also eliminates any avoidable waste that comes along with construction. Most people want sturdy and reliable homes, so be sure to go green. You’ll be keeping your family safe and helping out the environment in a big way.


8. Green homes increase productivity.

The combination of better air quality and healthier surroundings is likely to make you more productive while you’re home. Green additions to your home such as houseplants have been shown to provide a more motivational environment, thus resulting in your increased productivity. Given the current state of 2020 and the necessity to work from home, creating an eco-friendly home environment that will boost productivity is one of the best things you can do for your health, productiveness, and the environment.


9. You’ll feel better overall.

From reducing your bills to improving your health, going green has a plethora of pros and basically no cons. Your home is a sanctuary to you and your family members, so it’s important to make it a healthy one. Having lower bills and better health will reduce a significant amount of stress and open up your financial opportunities, allowing you to do more things you enjoy while feeling good about doing them. In addition to these health and financial benefits, you may be able to set an example for others to switch to this lifestyle as well.


10. It will help future generations.

Given the damage we’ve already done to our environment and the earth it’s safe to say that, unless we make a change, future generations will suffer due to climate change and pollution. While we may not have been aware of the environmental damage we were causing in the past, we now have the proper education and data to show us what we’re doing wrong and which changes need to be made.

Unfortunately, climate change cannot be fully predicted given the sporadic state of nature, but modern-day technology can help show us that we need to take steps in the right direction or the outcome will be catastrophic. Making these simple yet effective lifestyle changes now will make for a promising future for generations to come.


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