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Video Advent Calendar Day 20: Sharding and Scaling Your Database (Neha Narula) 

Weary web travellers: are you having difficulty choosing a data storage solution as your web application scales? are you overwhelmed by the options?

Fear not developer adventurers! Neha Narula takes us kindly by the hand and guides us through the forest of datastore options, we’ll pick up the magical keys to protection of data loss and corruption and do battle with sharding myths.

Taken from Future of Web Apps London 2013, join us on this quest, my friends, along the way you’ll learn about scaling, consistency, sharding, and fault-tolerance, and you’ll be able to build your web application with confidence knowing that you can scale when the time comes. So like all good adventures, a happy ending is in sight! 

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Video Advent Calendar Day 19 - I Fought Atwood's Law (Jeff Atwood)

It's the Friday before Christmas and many of you will be downing tools for the holiday season. Why not sit back with a festive mulled beverage and take a look at this keynote session from Jeff Atwood, at Future Insights Live 2013.

Jeff Atwood founded and built stackoverflow.com in 2008. This is what would ultimately become the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites, in a joint venture with Joel Spolsky. The Stack Exchange network is now one of the top 150 largest sites on the Internet. 

In this awesome session, Jeff asks - what will websites and applications actually look like in 2020?

We'll be back in Vegas with Future Insights Live 2015 (1-4 June). We'll be launching tickets early in the new year. In the meantime, you can sign up for updates on our splash page!



Video Advent Calendar Day 18 – Cutting-edge CSS Features for Graphics

We’re proud to bring you a video from a great talk at Future of Web Design London earlier this year. Razvan Caliman is an engineer on the Web Platform team at Adobe, where he gets to do a lot of fun stuff that involves tinkering around with the latest web technologies. Sounds like an awesome job to us!

He definitely blew a few minds at FOWD, where he demoed some pretty amazing new CSS effects, which are now widely supported in modern browsers.

This talk will serve to exite and inspire you to delve into the creative possibilities of the web today!

Tickets for Future of Web Design London 2015 are now on sale! Register now to take advantage of our Super Early Bird pricing!

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Video Advent Calendar Day 17 - You, Yes You, Need A Development Process

One of the most fun things of working on the Web is the chaotic brainstorming process of coming up with your next great app or design for a website. Getting goose bumps as you fan the spark of a good idea into a burning desire to see it through is an amazing feeling. 

But fires can die down if not tended to properly. That's why you, yes YOU, need a development process to see through your idea to completion, whether you're working for a client or doing your own side project. And that's why we're bringing you Jason Lengstorf's talk from this year's Ultimate Developer Event.

I don't know anybody who loves working on the Web more than Jason. He's taken that passion and turned it into a successful business - Copter Labs - where he also had to learn how to manage several developers and make money. Now he's following that dream to a whole new adventure around the world. Enjoy his talk!







Video Advent Calendar Day 16 - Your Language is My Compilation Target: A Whirlwind Tour of Clojure Script

Ben Orenstein is a Boston-based coding dynamo, cranking out interesting projects for Thoughtbot, co-hosting the lively Giant Robots podcast, or working courting adventure and writing about it on his creation, trailmix.life

We hoped Ben would bring that energy to Future of Web Apps - Boston this fall, and he did not disappoint. His session, Your Language is My Compilation Target: A Whirlwind Tour of Clojure Script: was an interactive, audience-fueled exploration of Clojure Script through the magic of everyone's favorite frustration, the mobile game Flappy Bird. 

Ben invited FOWA - Boston attendees to "come be tempted by ClojureScript's functional nature, immutable data structures, superior asynchronous strategies, and sane floating point operations." Enjoy.






Web Design Trends in 2015

Yes, it’s that time of the year when literally everyone is reflecting on the past year and making their predictions and resolutions for the year ahead. Being Future Insights, we like to think we have our fingers on the pulse, and also feel we have more of an obligation than most to do some crystal ball-gazing.

These aren’t visual design “trends” per se, but some of the over-arching themes, technologies and practices we think will be big in web design in 2015.

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Video Advent Calendar Day 15 – Animation and the Future of UX

As an award-winning cartoonist turned front-end developer, Rachel Nabors is one talented lady, with an infectious passion for all things animated. In this talk from Future of Web Design London 2014 she looks at why UX has a crucial role to play in the deployment of web animations.

Co-incidentally, yesterday 24 Ways published an article by Rachel about this very thing! Here she discusses Five Ways to Animate Responsibly – the perfect follow up to her conference video.

Tickets for FOWD London 2015 are on sale now! Head over to our brand new website (designed by Mike Kus) and check out the fantastic lineup!

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Video Advent Calendar Day 14 - Product Discovery: How Do You Know You're Making The Right Thing? (Michelle You)

What do you know about your users? How do you measure what they like about your app or software? How do you know which features to build next?

At FOWA 2013 we were privileged to have Songkick co-founder Michelle You share her experience of developing the gig-finding app which now has over 8 million monthly users.

In this talk, product discovery expert Michelle imparts her wisdom on how to craft products and features that customers really care about in order to suss out which direction your product should be heading. 

Check out this brilliant, timeless talk brimming with advice on audiences, interaction and user needs from a real start up pro. 

For more tips and insights from the experts on product strategy, join us at Future Insights Live in Las Vegas or Future of Web Apps London, 2015.


Video Advent Calendar Day 13 - Building API Integrations You Can Live With (John Sheehan)

Whether your company is building an API or trying to integrate someone else’s, we’re all becoming increasingly reliant on these tools for creating the software of the future.

They are the one piece of technology that touches every part of your infrastructure, and probably the only tool that has a consistent format across everything you do in your organisation. So what happens when they go wrong? 

John Sheehan has the answers, and some unmissable tips on how to make sure you avoid these pitfalls in the first place. From internal APIs to third party integrations, John analyses the changing landscape of software development and runs us through some solutions to the challenges of keeping your APIs on track and running smoothly. 


Need to know all there is to know about APIs and toolkits? See talks like this live and get your burning questions answered at our Future of Web Apps events in Boston and London in 2015. 


Video Advent Calendar Day 12 - Pushing The Boundaries Without Breaking The Web

From Future of Web Apps 2012, Web Maven Rachel Andrew advises us how to not break the web, make things better with code and issues in creating responsive design.

Rachel so rightly says here that responsive images and design are a hugely important part of what developers are doing, serving a wide range of devices that is key to positive user experience.

Learn the pitfalls of boilerplates, as well as the need to teach core tools of HTML, CSS + Javascript, problem solving and why size matters!

Check out Rachels latest work at edgeofmyseat.com



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