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Developers! Join the Hackathon at Future Insights Live!

As if you needed another reason to go to Future Insights Live 2015. Let's tell you about one of our most popular events which takes place each year: the Hackathon! this year we are teaming up with Media Temple and Traitify to bring you an awesome hack evening as part of Future Insights Live in Vegas.

You can collaborate and innovate whilst enjoying beer and snacks. All we ask is that you sit back, network with fellow attendees and have a go at building and deploying your very own app in this hands-on session.

It’s going to be a blast!

The hack will take place on Wednesday June 3 from 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. You can check out the updated schedule online and see all the awesome things we have on offer!

All FI Live attendees will be able to sign up to collaborate and build with fellow devs. You'll enjoy: 

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Career Advice: Make it Deliberate Says FI Live Keynote Kate Matsudaira on Rocketship.fm

As we draw ever closer to Future Insights Live in June, we know it's very difficult to mask your excitement for the show. 

Fortunately for you, we've got a little something to wet your whistle: here is our amazing keynote from Day One, Kate Mastsudaria, on a podcast from our friends at Rocketship.fm

Kate and the Rocketship crew talk about owning and shaping your career. It turns out not all managers are going to be fairy godmothers who will help you make your dreams come true. Instead, help yourself get where you want to go.

Kate gives some great tips on how to create your own path to success, like being deliberate in how you spend your time in the office. Make sure what you're doing is accomplishing your personal and professional goals, and downplay the stuff that isn't. 

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How To Be An Ideas Factory

Product Manager and teacher Natasha Awasthi brings us the second instalment of her guide to being a great product manager. In this post, she provides us with some top tips on how to consistently generate great ideas…

"‘Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas’ by Paul Graham is a classic. Not because it’s from a decade ago, but because it’s a reminder of the dangers of latching onto the first idea that pops into our heads. The question, then, is: how do smart people come up with any idea?

Here’s a drill that I have designed to give your creative muscles a workout:

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Top Tips on Getting the Most From Your Conference Experience: #FILive Special

You’re coming to Future Insights Live! Fantastic! (if not, get on it now!) You are in for a great conference; We’ve worked hard to create a schedule full of exciting passionate speakers to give you an amazing experience. But how about taking some time to enjoy Las Vegas and Nevada?

We’ve paid attention to your feedback forms; many of you have mentioned that you enjoy having the chance to explore the city you’re in. With this in mind we’ve done two things: 1) We’ve scheduled the workshops on Monday June 1st to finish a bit earlier to give you time to explore, and 2) We have put together a list of ideas for what to bring, what to do and getting out onto the strip and experiencing Vegas!

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How Much Should I Charge as a Freelance Web Designer?

Editor's note: this article is a guest post by Lior Frenkel, co-founder of the NuSchool

How many times did you ask yourself this question? 

A potential client wants your proposal for a design project. You’re sitting in front of your computer, scratching your head. You ask Google, your friends in Facebook, your Linkedin groups. You browse designers’ forums.

You’ve found some price lists. Are they relevant for you? Are they relevant for this particular project? Can you use it as-is? 

You then think of your former projects. You charged X for a website design, and Y for creating those restaurant menus. What can you deduce from this? You’re not sure.

And indeed, how much SHOULD you charge for designing that project?

This must be the single most frequent question creative freelancers ask. And it seems like no one out there is sure what to do. Guess what? We’ve built a super cool tool that will help you answer it. If you have no patience, just head there and start playing. But if you want to understand what stands behind this tool, bare with me for a little longer...

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What Makes You A Brilliant (or Nightmareish) Product Manager? 

Future Insights Live Rising Star Natasha Awasthi is not only a seasoned product manager, she also teaches Product Management at General Assembly in NYC, and writes about her experiences for a variety of publications. In this guest blog series, Natasha takes a closer look at how to be a brilliant product manager in the tech sector.

Pow-wow sessions (friendly ones) about the needs of our customers is part of the job for a product manager. Yes, product management is about the people for whom we imagine products, but it’s also about the people we build stuff with.

So, I set out to answer the following question: How well do we – as product managers - understand the pains of our teammates?

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Hyperlinks and Story Arcs: Building Non-Linear Narratives for the Web with Senongo Akpem

At last year’s Future of Web Design NYC, super talented designer and illustrator, Senongo Akpem, took to the stage to tell us all a story. It was a story that got us pretty intrigued about the potential of the web to bring us ever more innovative methods of storytelling, breaking out of the traditional linear narrative into exciting new territory.

A List Apart recently published an article by Senongo exploring these ideas in depth so, if these ideas have you hooked, we want to give you the opportunity to catch his FOWD talk in full. Enjoy!

We’ve just launched tickets for FOWD New York and San Francisco 2015! Book now and save $300 with Super Early Birds.

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Designing Using Data: Interview with Designer and Psychologist Joe Leech

Psychology for Designers workshop in action

Ahead of FI Live in Vegas in just over 2 weeks, we asked design expert & psychologist Joe Leech to share his thoughts on what makes for 'good' or 'bad' design, ways we can make data work for us, and which design minds he'd dissect if he had the chance.... 

Ellie: Hi Joe! We're excited to have you at #FILIVE, bringing your brilliant psychology thinking to the design masses. We'd love to hear what you're working on at the moment... 

Joe: I’m two weeks into being freelance, pretty scary after 9 years in the same job. 

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How We Made Our 2015 Intro Videos

Awesome animator Scott Coello (AKA Cribble) has created many of our intro videos in the past, and once again pulled out all the stops for our 2015 events. Inspired by Mike Kus’s handcrafted designs for our website, we took ‘Craft and Code’ as this year's theme, using real-world tools as a metaphor for the labour (and love) that goes into web design and development. With a cute cat thrown in for good measure, of course!

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Why Your Apps Want A Real-Time Backend: 4 Point Plan 

This is a guest blog from Future Insights Live speaker and workshop wizard: Roger Stringer. This subject of Real-Time APIs will be the topic of his workshop at the event in Vegas this June.

Building a Real-Time Backend for your app changes how you build your apps.

I don't just mean iOS or Android apps, I'm also talking about websites as well.

What does a real-time backend mean?

To answer this question, let's talk about when websites first came out. They were generally described as pamphlet types of websites that sometimes had catalogs attached to them, then with the advent of languages like PHP, Ruby, Perl and other early CGI forerunners, we started making our web sites more interactive. 

They started doing things both client and server side. Building things for the web had become a lot more powerful but also more complex, as you started to need to add servers, and databases.

The web has come a long way since then, but not a lot has changed until recently.

Recently, the real-time web came along...

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