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Live with Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network! 

We're thrilled to be speaking with Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network. 

Ben is speaking at Future Insights Live in June; his talk is entitled Form Factor is the Message: How the Devices We Use Shape The Messages and Content We Create.

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Find an Egg, Win a Prize!

In the offline world, an Easter Egg is chicken egg, hard-boiled, decorated, delicious, and hidden in your backyard. On the Web, it is a secret message or hidden joke. (Google is famous for these.) 

We're getting in on the action with five Easter Eggs of our own, hidden across a select few websites, from now through Monday afternoon.

The first two people to find each egg and tweet its unique secret word with hashtag #FILIVE will win a free t-shirt and a 50% off code for a ticket to Future Insights Live! (Can you even remember the last time you got a free T-shirt from a chicken egg?) 

The internet is a big place. so we'll help you narrow it down. You might find an egg on several of these websites:


1. Future Insights Live

2. Media Temple's Blog

3. Jason Pamental's h+w design blog

4. Like Knows Like

5. Cheezburger Blog

6. New Relic's Blog

7. The Future Insights blog 

8. Six Revisions


10. Aaron Patterson's Tender Lovemaking blog (It's not what you think, we promise.)



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To the Future! A Look Back at FOWD London 2014

© Conor MacNeil

So, Future of Web Design London is over for another year, and what a whirlwind of inspiration it was! The 8th annual event proved a huge success, with attendees from all over the world flocking to soak up some knowledge and inspiration from an outstanding line-up of talented speakers. We had a great time and hope that those of you who attended found the experience truly worthwhile.

Conference Highlights

There were some great sessions over the two conference days, and I’d be hard-pressed to pick out my favourites as I think every single one provided food for thought and something to learn!

As Conference Producer I was extremely excited to hear from some of the leading lights in the industry: People like Sarah Parmenter, Stephanie Rieger, Stephen Hay, and Paul Boag, to name just a few. Stephen Hay’s session, The Zero Interface: Use Zero-Based Thinking to Maintain Simplicity, was a particular conference highlight from the author of Responsive Design Workflow, while Stephanie Rieger delivered a forward-looking keynote on The Emerging Global Web and what that means for the future of web design.

Our opening keynote, Paul Adams, didn’t disappoint, bringing his original thinking to a packed audience, challenging us to design for our New Creative Canvas.

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Live Video Chat with Ben Huh

If you've gone a full day without seeing a funny cat picture online, we've got news for you: you weren't actually online, and it's time to recharge your phone.

Join us on April 17 as we host a live video chat with the gentleman responsible for the LOLcat internet sensation, founder and CEO of The Cheezburger Network, and Future Insights Live speaker, Ben Huh!

Want to find out what makes him tick? Post your burning questions for him in the comments section below, and watch the chat live here on our blog this Thursday, April 17 at 11:00 am Pacific Time.

About Ben: Ben Huh is the Founder and CEO of The Cheezburger Network. The former journalist turned successful entrepreneur has been credited with crowdsourcing and bringing Internet memes to the mainstream.

He was named one of the “100 Most Creative People in the Business” by Fast Company, and was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Worst Dressed Men in Silicon Valley” by GQ.

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Future of Web Design: Wednesday Morning Tweets

The second day of sessions has proven to be another great one - I feel bad for anyone who had to go after day one. Here are the tweets that captured the feeling on the Main Stage at FOWD. 



Future of Web Design: More Tweets from Tuesday

Greetings from FOWD! Tuesday finished as strong as it started. Here are some Tweets that tell the story, well into the evening (and morning.) 




Future of Web Design: 10 Tweets from Tuesday Morning

It's lunchtime at Future of Web Design, and already we've had an amazing morning of thought-provoking sessions about the Web. Here are 10 tweets to show what has got people taking from the main stage. 



Global Accessibility Awareness Day Boston - Call For Speakers 

Future Insights is teaming up with Fresh Tilled Soil to host Boston's Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 15. GAAD is a day where people of the Web unite to bring out awareness in how we build and design for the Web and people with disabilities.

We're planning a great free event at Fresh Tilled Soil's Watertown office. We've got some great ideas for sessions, but we'd love to hear what members of the community think are the crucial topics in accessiblity for the Web. 

If you've got an idea for a session at GAAD, please click this link and fill out our call for speakers form. 

If you'd like to attend the event, check out our registration page here. 


WTF HTML and CSS: An Interview with Mark Otto

Sunday, March 23, Mark Otto published the site WTF, HTML and CSS, and a repository on GitHub. Then he went to bed.

When he woke up, the little side project had clearly struck a nerve; hundreds of people had favorited and retweeted his link. 

A little more than one week later, there are 2,555 shares on Twitter, 823 Stars on Github, and 55 forks. Apparently, people have had the same WTF reaction to CSS and HTML quirks. 

Mark OttoMark, who works at GitHub and is a co-creator of Bootstrap, was kind enough to grant me an interview about what caused him to shout his screen so much, he wanted to create an entire website about it and share it with the community.

Here is a transcript of our interview, lightly edited. 

Ian Murphy: Did WTF start as a passion project, or a joke, or something in between? 

Mark Otto: What came before WTF was this standards project called Code Guide that I made, which is also a [repository] on GitHub. Basically it’s just about me trying to distill my own thoughts and best practices, because I get asked about them often enough.

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Use Color Like a Pro – The Web Designer’s Guide to Effective Color Schemes

Editor's Note: this is a guest blog by tech writer Jennifer Birch. If you'd like to contribute to our blog, contact me at

Photo courtesy of Jasmic via Flickr Creative Commons

By Jennifer Birch

On the Web, the battle for a reader’s attention is won or lost in the first few seconds after he or she lands on your site. When readers visit your website, the color is what greets them first. It’s important to make it welcoming and to convey the right message.

There are ways to test the affect your scheme has on visitors. In March, business consultant Dave Lavinsky’s wrote in a recent Forbes article that testing important website variables such as the background color is necessary to your page’s overall success.

But new designers can find color selection a difficult and daunting process.

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