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New Year’s Resolutions from the Future Insights Team - Veronica

Veronica Cortes - Conference Producer

Hello and Happy New Year! My name is Veronica (most people call me V!) and I am the new Conference Producer at Future Insights in Bath, UK.

My New Year's resolution, according to my new teammates, is to learn to ride a bike - that’s right! Having experienced a rather traumatic bike accident as a young child I have never managed to get back on the saddle. I genuinely love the idea as I’d be getting regular exercise and saving a whole lot of travel money but realistically I can’t see that happening... don’t forget I live in the UK where the weather is wet and cold most of the time!

If you have any ideas of what my new year's resolutions could be I'd love to hear from you! @vcortes1976 @FOWD



New Year's Resolutions from the Future Insights Team - Sarah

Sarah Robinson, Conference Producer

Some interesting articles have popped up recently about micro or mini- adventures. I want to push this term to its limit by using a short amount of my lunch break for some micro-adventures!

I’m basing my personal resolution on getting outside more during my work day,  maybe discover something new. The micro-adventure focuses on breaking routine. It means you are doing something outside of your personal “box” in order to give you that uplifting recharged feeling— I’m going to be tweeting some of my #Lunchtimeadventures; because small adventures can still be noteworthy! @Bathcitygirl 

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New Year’s Resolutions from the Future Insights Team

Have you read our post on New Years resolutions for designers yet? It got us thinking of a few resolutions (or goals, as I prefer to call them) of our own and, in the spirit of sharing, we thought we’d post a few of them over the coming days. Who knows, maybe it’ll help us stick to them?

Michelle Barker (Designer)

I’ve just bought a new camera and my resolution is to get better at photography. Weirdly, I keep getting endorsed for ‘Photography’ on LinkedIn, a skill I wouldn’t say I currently possess! Aside from being really useful for work, it’s something that would really motivate me to get away from the desk and out into the world. My other resolution is to keep my desk cleaner than last year!

Have you made a New Year’s resolution, or just a promise to yourself for this year? We’d love to hear from you! Share them below, or tweet us at @Future_Insights.


New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep

January: The calm after the storm; the month for making promises to ourselves; the time for self-denial after an indulgent festive period.

Perhaps you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions already. Perhaps you think they’re a waste of time. Many people now advocate setting goals, not resolutions: They’re more attainable and have a greater potential to be part of your working routine, rather than a chore to be dropped at the earliest opportunity.

I would tend to agree that the word ‘goals’ is more helpful. Moreover, I’m in favour of setting the loosest possible terms for successfully achieving these goals – what could be better than the opportunity to reward yourself for small steps throughout the year? Set sensible goals and you could see your productivity levels rise too.

If you’re a web designer, here are some ideas for New Year’s resolutions (or goals) you’ll actually want to keep:

1. Learn a new skill

Whatever you’re into, the joy of working in the web is there’s always more to learn. Maybe you want to learn some Sass, create awesome web animations or become a web typography expert. Maybe you’re a visual designer and 2015 is the year you finally take the plunge and learn to code front-end. Or maybe you’re a developer and want to get your head around UX. There are a thousand different approaches to learning these days: Book yourself onto a workshop, take some online classes, find a highly recommended book… (Hint: We have some great workshops at FOWD London!)

A great plan is to get yourself a mentor: Someone to offer advice and encourage you to work towards your goals. Having someone to discuss things with makes it more fun, and you can support each other.

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Is the IO.js Fork The Best Thing to Happen to Node? 

On November 26 Node.js, the most popular runtime for server-side JavaScript, was forked by a leading member of its developer community. The move came after months of simmering discontent from many of Node's core contributors, upset about how slowly the project's corporate steward, Joyent, was addressing bug fixes and shipping new versions. 

The #5 contributor to Node.js on GitHub, a developer named Fedor Indutny, created his own public fork of Node's source code called IO.js. The move has spurred some concern over the future of Node.js and cast a public spotlight on the seemingly slow pace of development on the project.

But according to Dan Shaw, a member of the Node.js advisory board, it's also spurred an enormous amount of collaboration from the community and a healthier conversation about an open governance model for Node.js.

I spoke to Dan, who's a co-founder of the enterprise Node.js software company NodeSource, earlier this week. Most of our conversation is in podcast form is below; it's been lightly edited for clarity. 

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The Evolution of Web Applications by David East



2014 was a big year for our friends at Firebase. They hit 130,000 users and were acquired by Google in October. But David East, now a developer programs engineer at Google, was predicting a major shift in Web Applications in June that year, at Future Insights Live. 

"Users nowadays, they don't really care about the performance; they expect performance," he said. "What they care about is: is your app cool? Does it look cool? Does it act cool?" 

David's point was that back-end-as-a-service companies like Firebase allow developers to spend time working on user experience and user interface, leaving data retrieval to someone else. 

"We've come a long way since 1993," he said. "We can write an entire application on the client, and not even worry about the server." 

Above is David's video from Future Insights Live. Enjoy! 




Future Fit: Workplace Health and Wellness for 2015

Have you made a resolution to be healthier in 2015? or come back from the holiday break feeling run down instead of recharged? We love our computers, but sitting at a desk all day is not ideal for optimum wellness. We've put together a few quick ideas here to help you improve your health and wellness so that you can give 100% to your workday.


1.    Apps for Health and Wellness

We work with tech every day; lets use it to help improve your health and wellbeing! Here are some great apps + websites to help you get started …

Moves is a great activity tracker app for iPhone and Android that automatically records any walking, cycling, and running you do. The app is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it, Just keep your phone on you. You can also pick from a wealth of devices such as the Pebble watch, FitBit or Jawbone.

Wellmo allows you track a variety of wellness variables such as sleep, mood, and stress levels to help you get an overview of your habits and tailor your wellness goals. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, meditation has great benefits for making you feel more relaxed and in control, check out Headspace; an app that makes mediation simple.

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You're Doing WHAT? 

I assume, like we all do, that you have a crazy friend. Not "two pills in a little cup" crazy (although I have those friends too), but more like "Given the available data, I'm not sure how you reached the conclusion that this is a good idea" crazy.

It's the friend you take late-night drinking because there is a 70 percent chance of brilliance and 30 percent chance of disaster, adding up to 100 percent chance of immortality. 

Crazy like the fox, a kung fu master might say.

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Video Advent Calendar Day 24 - How To Destroy The Web (Bruce Lawson)

Bruce Lawson’s keynote from Future Insights Live 2013 is brimming with his trademark wit as well as his brilliant insights… what better way to wrap up our advent series?

Bruce is a developer at Opera and a champion of web standards, who has been watching the web evolve from the front line. We love his funny, tongue-in-cheek take on what the future of the web might be. From hardware to software, to browser and beyond, Bruce suggests ways that we can totally destroy the web as we know it. Perfect Christmas Eve viewing whilst you wrap your final gifts! 


If you’d like to see more talks like this, look out for a special announcement about Future Insights Live in the New Year :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Video Advent Calendar Day 23 - Platform Shift (Marshall Van Alstyne)

When I was putting together this year's Ultimate Developer Event, I wanted to invite someone who wasn't a developer to help put into perspective why the explosion of APIs online is so significant. I invited Marshall Van Alstyne, who teaches economics at Boston University and is a researcher at MIT, to open the show.

It was the perfect opening keynote, in my mind. 

In his talk, entitled Platform Shift: How New Open Business Models are Changing the Shape of Industry. Marshall lays out why companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple have used network effects to grow at incredible rates. The message: platforms beat products every time. That's why BlackBerry died while Google's Android phones have exploded. 

Enjoy Marshall's keynote, and have a happy holidays!