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Top 10 tips for AngularJS 

AngularJS is an incredibly popular topic at our shows - Todd Motto’s full-day workshop at Future of Web Apps: JavaScript in Boston just sold out!

Fortunately there are still lots of great opportunities to learn more about the web application framework created by the Google team. Todd is giving a great session on day one of the Boston show to get people started; there will be a huge wealth of JavaScript knowledge in one place for that week of October.

In order to get you started, we’re reaching into our video archives. Check out this video from John Lindquist of Egghead.io on the Top 10 tips for AngularJS taken from our Future Insights Live show in Vegas earlier this year.  


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Connecting all the APIs for the Internet of Things in One Place

With cars, watches, thermostats, baby monitors, rings, cameras strapped to our heads and countless other everyday devices now being built with internet connectivity, the Internet of Things is quickly becoming a reality.

But many device makers are discovering, there is a lot more to the Internet of Things than just the Things.  

That’s where Onion.io comes in; they want to be the Internet part, connecting devices, boosting device security, offering firmware and permissions management, diagnostics and analytics for all the Things.

Boken LinThat was the vision co-founders Boken Lin and Zheng Han took into the Boston TechStars accelerator earlier this year in the Winter session; the two are now working to scale their company before Series A funding. They’re facing off against Alljoyn, and open source project seeking to create a standard for device makers led by Qualcomm.

Onion.io, the cloud backend service for connected devices, is up and running after solving some significant engineering challenges to be both completely device agnostic and secure.

“The biggest challenge is the security,” said Lin. “There are many devices that aren’t powerful enough to do encryption on its own. It took a lot of trouble on our end to figure out a way to allow encryption without really burning the chip, because there is so much computation to be done.”

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React.js: Secrets of the Virtual DOM

React.js is the new(ish) open-source JavaScript library from Facebook and Instagram. Predominantly used for building user interfaces, it is fast becoming one of the hottest JavaScript libraries around.

Earlier in 2014 at Future Insights Live, Vegas, we were joined by Pete Hunt, a self-described 'Web Hacker.' At the time Pete was working at Facebook heading up web engineering for Instagram. He is currently 'funemployed' and is continuing to contribute to reactjs.org.

Pete's session - 'React: Secrets of the Virtual DOM' covered why React.js uses a virtual DOM and showed how it is different to the other approaches currently being used.

Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy! 



Want to hear more about the latest in JavaScript technologies and Developer Best Practices? Then you should join us in Boston at the end of October for Future of Web Apps. You'll hear from the likes of jQuery creator, John Resig and many more! 

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The Ultimate Developer Hack is Open to Everyone!

Good news, everyone! 

Registration for the Ultimate Developer Hack is open! The hack is Thursday, October 30th starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Seaport Hotel, immediately following The Ultimate Developer Event.

It's also gloriously free, so free that you get free beer, soda and food by showing up to go along with the chance to network, learn and win prizes.

If you're attending either the Ultimate Developer Event or Future of Web Apps - JavaScript that week, we hope you'll stay for the hack. But the hack is open to anyone and everyone who wants to come! 

The Ultimate Developer Hack is being sponsored by Intel, GetClouder, Orchestrate.io, Autodesk and Best Buy. Sponsors will provide great prizes based on the best use of each of their APIS and/or technologies, and there will be a grand prize for best in show. 

Sign up here! 


Fun with the iOS 8 Keyboard from XKCD

I was travelling recently and unable to uphold my usual devotion to XKCD. 

Which makes me sad, because I missed this:

I don't own an iPhone, but if I did, this would send me down a three-hour rabbit hole looking up and completing my favorite quotes. Oh, that wacky Internet! 


We need YOU to help make FOWD awesome!

We're super excited to be heading back to New York for Future of Web Design in just a month's time! We know conferences can be a little pricey for freelancers or people just starting out in the industry. If you'd love to come to FOWD but can't quite scrape together the funds for a ticket, fear not! There is a way you can still come to the conference for FREE! "How?", I hear you ask...

Volunteer with us!

We're looking for some keen, enthusiastic volunteers to help make the conference experience awesome! You'll need to be available for the full day on Tues Nov 4th and Weds Nov 5th. We'll also need a couple of volunteers for Mon Nov 3rd to help with setting up on workshop day, so please let us know if you're available for that day too. Our day starts early – you'll need to be at the venue by 7:30am, ready to welcome attendees with your best smile as they arrive to register for the conference.

Duties include assisting with registration, distributing flyers, room monitoring, operating roving mics for Q&A sessions, relaying information to members of the team, directing attendees between sessions and being a point of contact for anyone who has a question or needs help. You'll be on site until around 5:30pm each day.

It's not all work though! Throughout the day you'll have plenty of time to attend sessions and network with your fellow attendees and the opportunity to come along to our conference party on Tues Nov 4th. As well as a pass to the whole conference, you'll get a video pass after the event and, of course, a lovely FOWD t-shirt to take home with you. What more could you want?

If you'd like to volunteer at FOWD NYC, please email michelle@futureinsights.com with the following information:

  • A bit about yourself and what you do.
  • Why you want to voolunteer at FOWD.
  • Any previous experience of attending or helping out at events and special skills you could bring (e.g. photography or technical skills).

We're looking forward to hearing from you!


FOWA London 2014 As Told By Tweets

FOWA London 2014 has gone super-well thanks to all our wonderful speakers, attendees and sponsors. We’ve been keeping one eye on the #FOWA hashtag, where it’s clear to see that the atmosphere level has been over 9000

A great talk from leading lady of code, Camille Baldock, kicked off proceedings this morning. (Thanks to attendee Andrew Hall for live blogging it!):


Our hand-picked Rising Star, Todd Motto, shed some light on Angular.Js:


Fair to say that all the talks have inspired our attendees:


Delicious food and drink kept everyone fuelled up:


Attendees built some brilliant London-themed lego creations in our Lego Challenge:


Conversation was flowing during our lunchtime ThoughtHub on Tuesday:


Arguably the most important discovery of the whole event:


After 7 years, Tash, our Conference Producer, leaves us in style with a standing ovation: 


We celebrated in a circus-themed bar (NB: this is before stuff got crazy):


Spooktacular Ghost Walk underway, with pints courtesy of Mandrill:


MediaTemple’s giant Jenga toppling:


So many highlights of the event, but this tweet sums it up: it’s definitely you lovely people who make #FOWA what it is!


If you’re interested in more cool stuff like this, join us at FOWA Boston at the end of the month. 


JavaScript Task Runners Grunt and Gulp Make Your Life Easier

What is a JavaScript Task Runner? According to gruntjs.com - "In one word: automation. The less work you have to do when performing repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc, the easier your job becomes. After you've configured it, a task runner can do most of that mundane work for you—and your team—with basically zero effort."

Matt Gifford joined us at our London Web Meet-up earlier this month to cover this very subject, with his session 'Get Grulping with JavaScript Task Runners'. Matt is owner and primary primate at his own development consultancy company, monkehWorks Ltd. His work primarily focuses on building mobile apps and ColdFusion development, although he's such a geek he enjoys writing in a variety of languages. He's a published author and presents at conferences and user groups on a variety of topics. 

During his talk, Matt introduced the attendees to Grunt and Gulp, two incredibly powerful JavaScript task runners. He helped clarify what they are, why you need them and how you can use them in your projects, including how to introduce them into your development workflow and cycle.

It's a must see if you're delving into the world of JavaScript and Task Runners particularly!

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Sara Soueidan is Bringing SVG Magic to Future of Web Design!

We're so happy to announce that awesome front-end developer Sara Soueidan will be joining the lineup for Future of Web Design NYC 2014! Sara hails from Lebanon and sadly had to pull out of our London conference back in April due to her application for a Visa being turned down by the UK. Happily the US embassy was a little more accommodating and her request was granted this time!

Sara is a CSS pro and has written extensively on the subject of SVG, both on her own blog and for other publications like Codrops, where she is a regular contributor. At FOWD she'll be talking about the ways you can bring your designs to life with SVG in your next project, with plenty of practical advice.

We hope you can join us for FOWD NYC! Tickets are still available: Register now!


Out with the Old: The Art of the Redesign

If you’re a Web designer or developer the chances are at some point you’ve been involved with a website redesign. In this incredibly fast-paced Web environment (where, increasingly, more business is conducted than any high street), having a site that stands out from the competition has never been so important, and clients are recognising that they need to stay one step ahead and keep their web presence fresh.

Arguably, a redesign can be an even trickier beast than designing a website from scratch: Your clients and users will all have expectations (good and bad) associated with the existing design, particularly if the client is a well-known brand. If your redesign is combined with a rebrand then you’ve got an even bigger task on your hands to please everybody—although a rebrand potentially gives you scope to experiment and do something exciting and different, which you might otherwise struggle to get approved.

A client may have strong ideas about how they want their new site to look, often based on the style of other websites they come across. Seemingly in contradiction to this, clients want a site that’ll stand the test of time: They’re spending a lot of money and most definitely don’t want their site to look dated within a few months. It’s important not to blindly follow the latest trends: A style that’s flavour of the month now is probably going to appear stale within a year, as Web fashions come and go. If you can convince your client to stick their neck out and embrace a design idea that is truly cutting edge (and not already co-opted by their competitors) then good luck with that.

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