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Learn the Latest in JavaScript, Wordpress, IoT, Realtime APIs and More!

Just a few of the companies + subjects you'll see at FOWAFuture of Web Apps, London will be our 10th conference in the city, and we are working hard to make it the best event yet! With a blend of inspirational sessions and practical advice, #FOWA is the conference for you the developer.

We are ending Super Early Bird ticket deals on April 30, so book now to get the best deals!

So what can you expect to learn about during your time with us in London? Here are just some of the topics we’ll be exploring….

Micro services

Richard Rodger of Nearform is running a workshop and giving a session on the wonder of microservice architecture, he'll take us through everything we need to know to develop, deploy and maintain with confidence!

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Flashback Friday: Using GulpJS for JavaScript Tooling

Let's hop back a year to Future of Web Apps, London 2014, and allow Jack Franklin to introduce us to GulpJS: The streaming build system. Gulp was a new tool in the JavaScript tooling world in 2014 and in this talk he looks at just why so many people adopted Gulp as their build tool of choice. 


Jack will be joining us at FOWA 2015 to talk about next big release of JavaScript, ES6, which will be coming to browsers near you very soon. We can't wait! Be warned: Super Early Bird ticket deals end April 30, so book now to get the best discounts!

Future of Web Apps will be hitting London this October 5-7, with amazing content and inspiring speakers. So get booking and join us for a front row seat, and learn about the future of the web! 

Check out the latest on our exciting speaker line-up on our Website and follow us on Twitter @Future_insights and @fowa for updates. 




Mobilegeddon Crashing Your SEO Rank? Get Mobile Friendly at FI Live

Courtesy of Kamil Porembinski via Flickr

Google made big headlines on Tuesday, April 21 when it made "Mobile Friendliness" one of its criteria for search rankings. They'd been warning about the move for weeks, but still several companies didn't have time to rebuild their sites. 

Making a website mobile friendly is more than just responsive design, although that's a huge first step. Becoming mobile friendly is thinking about the users, their needs and habits, and how your content is best delivered to them no matter where they are. 

If your company isn't where it should be on mobile friendliness and your website is plummeting down the search ranks, you're in luck: Future Insights Live is fewer than 40 days away, and it's the perfect place for designers, developers and product managers to come together and learn to fix the problem as a team.

Here are the great sessions to get your site back in Google's good graces and climbing back up the SEO rankings. 

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The Power of Branding in the Multi-Channel World 

"We're loyal to user experiences, not just brands".

"Use the marketing technology landscape to simplify your marketing strategy".

These are just two of the quotes taken from a truly great session at last week's London Web Meet-up, where we were joined by Jonathon Palmer, Strategy Director at digital commerce agency Blueleaf and his session - The Power of Branding in the Multi-channel World.

Jonathon has worked in branding, communication and digital media for nearly 20 years and is fascinated by the pace of change and how technology and marketing are evolving. He enjoys working with companies to help them thrive online by inspiring their audiences to act, whether that’s to buy, share or simply engage

As Jonathon explains: "We're living in complex times for consumers and companies alike. Technology is proliferating at dazzling speed and at the same time new ways of living and working are constantly evolving.  So how do companies harness the power of their brands to stay relevant and outperform their competitors without getting overwhelmed by the pace of change? We'll look at where brand communication has got to in today's digitally led world and explore how you can use your brand to create value, increase sales and drive ROI."

Video Credit: This session was filmed and produced by www.meetupvideo.com

We'll be back in May with another London Web session and meet-up. Sign up today and join us! You can also follow us @london_web for all updates. 



Modular Design: Creating Organic Designs with Small Ideas

It is my pleasure to introduce Refinery29's James Cabrera, who will be sharing his insights from his work with modular design at Future Insights Live, Las Vegas June 1st - 4th as a Rising Star. Here is an interview with James, lightly-edited. 

Ellie Robinson: Hi James! We're so pleased to have you as a Rising Star. Please tell us a little more about yourself.

James Cabrera: Thank you! I'm extremely honored to be a part of Future Insights Live. To start, I am a 100 percent self-started visual designer. I originally started designing as a hobby to help pay for my tuition while going to college for math and physics. After bumping into the right people, building out my portfolio, and constantly adapting, I gradually found myself in better and better positions. I have a strong passion for learning, and constantly use my personal experiences and education in math and physics as part of my design philosophy and approach

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One Week to Go for Future of Web Design, London!

We are one week away from the Future of Web Design, London and we can’t wait to welcome you! The three-day event is going to be jam-packed full of killer content and fun activities and we hope you are as excited as we are!

The Future Insights team have been busy preparing for your arrival to ensure you have a great and memorable experience! We will be on hand along with our team of wonderful volunteers to assist you - we’ll be wearing red t-shirts so you can’t miss us!

Our volunteers are designers and developers just like you and we’re extremely honoured that they have chosen to come along to help us out. To show them how much we appreciate them, we’d like to give them a shout out and introduce them to you:

Aurora Suriel | @aurorasuriel

A biologist turned programmer turned cartoonist, Aurora is a developer moving into UX at Thoughtworks. 

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Stuck on a Web Project? FI Live Has Solutions to Any Team's Problems 

Nobody likes getting stuck on a big project. When your creative team, filled with creative minds and technical skill, just can't figure out how to get past that roadblock, frustration mounts. 

That's when it's time to get out of the office and connect with your community. 

Future Insights Live is unique of all our conferences as the best show to attend as a project team and to knock something loose. We invite all members of our community - the product folks, the entrepreneurs, the developers and the designers - to join us in the desert oasis that is Las Vegas for a week. This year it’s June 1-4.

Over the course of several days of workshops, sessions, big ticket keynotes and new-to-the-stage rising stars, we get the clearest picture of the present state of the Web, and the future we’re all working towards.  From UX to database, the whole web stack is discussed, deconstructed and re-imagined. Voices from every corner of our world are heard.

If that all sounds a bit high-minded, that’s because it is. At FI Live we’re discussing, as a community, what the Web is, how it works and what we want it to be.

There is also a massive amount of practical knowledge that fills our conference hall during the show. There are immense opportunities to come to Future Insights Live in the midst of a project or confronting a problem, and then leave with answers and solutions to do it better. And that’s true for each and every member of the team.

To highlight this fact, the Future Insights team has assembled a guided curriculum for teams who are working on specific projects and are looking for a little help getting over the hump. These are just some of the sessions that will get you on your way.



Courtesy of Ian Sane on Flikr

According to KISSmetrics (co-founder Hiten Shah is speaking at FI Live) 47% of users expect a loading time of 2 seconds or less. If you’re struggling with unacceptable abandonment rates, send your team to these sessions and you’ll go home ready to go.

Keeping your team performing well is a challenge on its own. So we’ve also got plenty of sessions for managers and team leaders to combat burnout and bad feelings.

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New JavaScript at FI Live: Ember, React and Angular

We've been working hard over here at Future Insights Live 2015 HQ to make sure your event features the very best content. With this in mind we've got some awesome new speakers to announce who'll be sharing wisdom and inspiration on Javascript experts with you!

Our 'Ember Guy' Erik Bryn - Erik has been working on Ember.js for over three years and is a member of the Ember.js core team. He loves to help people learn and build next generation web applications with Ember.js. He'll be introducing us to Ember's bright future with Ember 2.0!

Our 'React Guy' Colin Megill Senior Front End Developer at Formidable Labs, Colin has architected and built client side applications for some of the largest brands in the world. A former educator, he teaches at Fortune 10 companies and in the JavaScript community, most recently in a series of in-depth talks on ReactJS given at Facebook Seattle.

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FlashBack Friday: Outside the API Box FOWA 2014

Its Flashback Friday! that means free video time! Let's hop back a year to FOWA 2014, and settle down to watch Ruth John make browsers dance, phones 'feel' and other exciting adventures beyond the ordinary Web API!




Ruth will be joining us at FOWA 2015 to take us on a journey through Web API Space + Time: what’s past, what’s present and what the future holds. We can't wait! Be warned: Early bird ticket deals end April 30, so book now to get the best discounts!

Future of Web Apps will be hitting London this October 5-7, with amazing content and inspiring speakers. So get booking and join us for a front row seat, and learn about the future of the web! 

Check out the latest on our exciting speaker line-up on our Website and follow us on Twitter @Future_insights and @fowa for updates. 


Discover Hidden Gems in the Typography Around You

A great way to get under the skin of a place is to take a look at the typography around you. Each place has it’s own unique typographical character. Take the Paris Metro and you’ll come across the ornate, Art Nouveau signs designed by Hector Guimard. In London your Underground journey will be characterised by the humanist sans-serif Johnston. Commissioned in 1913 by Frank Pick, this typeface was designed by Edward Johnston and his pupil Eric Gill – who went on to design that other well-known British typeface, Gill Sans – and has been used for Transport For London ever since, with a few modifications throughout its history. If you’d visited London a couple of years ago, the typeface you would most certainly have seen everywhere is 2012 Headline, designed by Gareth Hague. Whatever you think of the font commissioned for the London 2012 Olympics, you can’t deny it made an impression.

Hector Guimard’s iconic Paris Metro sign

It’s more than just the wayfinding signage that can give a place a distinctive voice: Look at the shop signs, billboards, hand-painted signboards and graffiti. Even the seemingly-mundane, unobtrusive and functional typography of the public infrastructure around you, beneath your feet and overhead: drains, lamp posts, litter bins, post boxes all have the potential to surprise and delight the keen observer.

You might think that cities are becoming more homogenous in character, with the same global brands appearing everywhere. But even the sometimes-surprising application of these well-known marques can be interesting and delightful. In the city of Bath, where I work, the strict laws governing the historic buildings in the city centre mean that companies must carefully consider their signage to ensure it doesn’t appear too out-of-character. As a result, you’ll find imaginative examples of typography, chiselled into the building façades or artfully painted on wooden boards that hang from vintage ironwork. No garish plastic to sully your view of these quaint cobbled streets.

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