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In case you missed this year's FOWD San Francisco and NYC, check out the Vlog from DevTips that gives you a bit of what you can look forward to in 2016. 




#FacesOfTheFuture: Sarah Crowley

Sarah Crowley, Web Designer and Developer


Sarah Crowley started building websites when she was twelve years old. Her first websites were fan sites for Sailor Moon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Buffy fan site became so popular that she was invited to speak on the topic of fan site designing at Arisia Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Boston, MA at the age of 16. She loves designing and developing websites so much and it remains her passion to this day. She is always refreshing her skills and staying up on the latest trends for the best development tools and technology.

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This Week's News Roundup



Sony's backwards compatibility, PhantomCSS regression testing, giveaways and who's hiring; We've rounded up this week's hottest trends, freebies, jobs and things we know you'll love from the web!


Facebook Lets You Hide from Exes After a Breakup

The Verge

Sony Enabled PS2 Backwards Compatibility for the PS4 without telling us!

Tech Radar

Google Buys BeBop and Names Diane Greene to lead Enterprise Cloud Effort

Tech Crunch

How Should We Approach Cybersecurity?



How Google is Embracing Teamwork and Workplace Wellness

Huffington Post

Who’s Hiring?

Back-End Developers/Engineers



Ninja Van

What’s Free?

Future Insights Season of Giveaways - Freebies every day!

Future Insights & Partners

Free and Responsive WordPress Templates for Developers


Worth Reading

8 Ways to Design Mockups

Creative Bloq

Invent the Future at FOWD

Huffington Post

Microsoft Announces New Developer Tools

Web Design Ledger

What is the Procedure for Testing the Backend of a Website?


No UI is the New UI


Visual Regression Testing with PhantomCSS



Invent the Future at FOWD

Editor's Note: This post was orginally published on the Huffington Post blog by Crystal Theresa Ejanda and Patrick Daniel. The blog recaps their experience during Future of Web Design San Francisco this past October 2015. 

"It doesn't matter how amazing the steak is, if it's served on a cold plate, it's crap. If it's served with a dull knife, it's crap. If the gravy isn't piping hot, it's crap. If you're eating it on an uncomfortable chair, it's crap. If it's served by an ugly waiter who just came in from a cigarette break, it's crap. Because I care about the steak, I have to care about everything around it." 
-- Chef Gordon Ramsay

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Future Insights Presents: Season of Giveaways!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s a season filled with giving and celebration, and we make no exceptions for that here at Future Insights!

From December 1-25, we’ll be giving away the best the industry has to offer. Our partners, sponsors and speakers have joined us to give you all exclusive giveaways each day. Keep an eye on your inbox, our blog and our Twitter every morning at 10 am EST/3 pm GMT for your gift.

Participating partners and speakers joining Future Insights to celebrate YOU this December include:

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#FacesOfTheFuture: Lianne Harrison

Lianne Harrison, Front-End Web Developer


Lianne Harrison is a self-professed style addict and blogger with a curiosity in human behaviour. After leaving her corporate career to pursue a life in front-end web development, she's currently mastering full stack web development with a focus on user-centric front end and making the web a more beautiful place. This is her story about changing careers to follow her dreams and make things happen!

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#FacesOfTheFuture and You!


The web design and development industry is a great community to be a part of. It’s an industry made up entirely of creative, driven, open-minded individuals striving to continually better themselves and one another.

We are all working in an industry focused on shaping the future. We decide what to build and create to mold the future of the industry and push the web forward. We attend meetups and community events, conferences and classes, all with the same sense of responsibility and purpose in knowing we are the faces of the future pushing the web forward to do awesome things.

As individual leaders and go-getters in the industry, we each set an example to each other of what is possible and how we can all join in shaping the future of the web together.

Our #FacesOfTheFuture Campaign features the true stars shaping the industry – you! If you or someone you know deserves to be featured for his/her hard work and efforts in the web and tech industry, tweet us @Future_Insights with #FacesOfTheFuture or email us to share your story! 


See Lianne Harrison's story on why she changed careers and her outlook on the industry here


FOWA Boston - Day Two!

After a full day of inspiration and knowledge, and a rousing after-party at Whiskey Priest, day two of Future of Web Apps Boston started off with more energy and excitement than the day before!

We've highlighted some great moments from day two of FOWA Boston for you here:

The day started off with a bit of magic and inspiration.

@colinmegill talked rendering and victory.js with us. 

@RianVDM gave us insights to survive the enterprise storm. 

 We ended the conference at General Assembly with a hands-on hackathon!



Thank you all for at FANTASTIC FOWA Boston 2015 - see you next year!


This Week's News Roundup



Virtual reality becomes the norm, the MoHawk V3, NASA solves the mystery of Mars' lost atmosphere and more; We've rounded up this week's hottest trends, freebies, jobs and things we know you'll love from the web!


Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow


Ford Aims to Accelerate Self-Driving Tech in a Simulated City


NASA Solves the Mystery of Mars' Lost Atmosphere


This was the Week Virtual Reality Became Normal



Fossil Group Buys Health-Tracking Wearable 'Misfit'


Who’s Hiring?

25 Tech Companies Hiring Right Now


What’s Free?

Exclusive Discount for Josh Clark's New Book

Josh Clark, Big Medium

Worth Reading

GSAP+SVG for Power Users: Motion Along a Path

David Walsh

The State of Airline Websites 2015

Smashing Magazine

We Must Destroy Nukes Before AI Learns to use them


NVIDIA's Mobile Supercomputer can make Machines Smarter


The MoHawk V3: Forget Hoverboards


So Many Apple Devices: What's an App Maker to do?



FOWA Boston - Attendee Party!

We had SO much fun last night at Whiskey Priest with all of our speakers, sponsors, partners and, most importantly, YOU! 

We couldn't wait another minute to share some great photos capturing the excitement from last night's party. See you all today at FOWA Boston day two!