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How Much Can You Make in Tech, and How? 

News flash: the United States is not a great place to work. A recent analysis by MSGooroo shows that American tech workers have the lowest entry level salaries and the worst potential for salary growth compared to the same roles in the United Kingdom and Australia, starting at $40k for a service desk analyst and topping out just above $100k for an infrastructure architect.

In the UK, the same roles see salaries closer to $60k and $127k in U.S. dollars; it's $54k and $133k in Australia. 

Courtesy of MSGoorooMSGooroo's article, written by staff business analyst Carl Joseph, is chock full of insights about which roles are most in demand

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Camille Baldock: API Creator by Day, 3D Sculptor by Night

Camille is a freelance software engineer by day. She wrote her first line of code over ten years ago and currently works for GDS (Government Digital Service). By night, she coaches junior developers and is a 3D printing enthusiast. Her favourite challenges are scalability and good API craftsmanship. 

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Asset Redux - Front end Performance on Rails

The Future Insights team are continuing to meet in London once a month for our London Web Meet-up, bringing networking and content to designers and developers, totally free! It's been a blast so far and we have a lot more treats in store as we approach the end of the year. 

Back in August, we were joined by Phil Nash. Phil is a developer evangelist for Twilio and a Ruby and JavaScript developer. He loves test coverage, great beer, hackathons, and gems with puns in their names :)

Phil's session - Asset Redux - Front end Performance on Rails looked at the best ways to speed up the delivery of your application using Rails. Going beyond just minifying your assets, he looked at techniques to get your site in the user's browser quicker, improving both real and perceived speed. He demonstrated the best tools to use to check out speed and get a better idea of the user's opinion of the site. Once finished, your sites will load in a flash!

Note: We were battling with some AV & lighting demons, as you can see. You can find Phil's session slides here if you'd like to follow along. 


If you'd like to join us at the London Web Meet-up, we'll be meeting this Thursday 18th September with a session from Matt Gifford. He'll be talking Grunt and Gulp and JavaScript task runners. Sign up today and join the fun!  



How To Network at Your Next Conference


Are you coming to Future of Web Design NYC in November? Whether you're working in-house, freelance or for an agency, attending a conference provides unlimited opportunities for networking for Web designers and developers. Maybe you're looking to get hired, touting for new business, searching for some help to solve that tricky CSS problem – or just out to make some new friends with whom to chat about all things Web. One thing's for sure, us Web folks love to mix and mingle!

These days networking is an essential part of a designer or developer's job – but that doesn't mean it comes easy to everyone. Most of the time the people you're envious of, effortlessly working the room and being the life and soul of the party, are just like you and me. Here are some top networking tips for your next conference:

1. Don't be afraid to make the first move. I've lost count of the number of times I've been in a room with a bunch of people, everyone awkwardly looking down at their phone and/or cup of coffee as they struggle to make eye contact. However, once the first person plucks up the courage to introduce themselves, everyone else visibly relaxes. Most people are at the event because they want to talk to people. If you can overcome that initial shyness you'll find people are grateful to be chatting to you. It's worth keeping a couple of ice-breaker questions up your sleeve – often simply asking people where they've come from or what they do will earn some interesting replies.

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Free Video Friday - The Opportunity for Civic Start-ups

Yippee - it's Friday so we thought we'd have a flashback (#FBF) and share some video content with you from years ago...

Over the past eight (plus) years, Future Insights (some of you may remember us as Carsonified back then) has been delivering content to the design and development community. Bringing conferences, events and videos designed to help and inspire you to create the next big thing!

We're going back just a few years to 2011 and our first Future of Web Apps show in Vegas and the inspiring session from Jennifer Pahlka. Jennifer is the founder and executive director of Code for America, which works with talented web professionals and cities around the country to promote public service and reboot government.

Jennifer's session - 'The Next Disruption: The Opportunity for Civic Start-upsoutlined how there is a huge opportunity in the government and civic space that is ripe for new businesses and technology, as seen by the successes of SeeClickFix, and TurboTaxIt will certainly be interesting to see if there have been any major developments since the session 3 years ago. 

Sit back have a coffee and enjoy!

We're continuing to deliver awesome content from some of the best in the biz. Check out our events on offer and join us in person!



Calling All London GitHub Users!

Fancy a free pint and some great conversation? Join us on Sunday, 28th September for a joint Future of Web Apps (FOWA) + GitHub meet-up!

Zach Holman from GitHub (@holman) is joining us at the meet-up, and then staying on to present a talk at the Future of Web Apps conference (29 Sept – 1 Oct).

The FOWA/GitHub meet-up will take place at the Strong Rooms on Sunday, 28th September from 6pm - 11pm and all are welcome! Please join us for a few beers, which GitHub are kindly paying for. You don't have to register - just show up on the day! That's right, it's free to all!  :)

If you would like to see Zach Holman's keynote and much more at  the Future of Web Apps we are offering meet-up goers an exclusive 20% off tickets. Just use promo code GHMT when registering online to get your discount!

It's going to be awesome, hopefully see you there!

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National Coding Week: Why Should Kids Have All The Fun?

Starting this school year, children in the UK ages 5-14 will begin learning computer programming as part of their core education. 

That's a great step toward addressing the skill shortage in Britain's digital industry, but that effort alone won't create 745,000 workers with digital skills that telecom giant O2 estimates will be needed by 2017, or fill the estimated 1.3 million jobs that will be left empty in 2020 due to the lack of relevant skills. 

Adults need to step in and join the party. Next week is National Coding Week for Adults in the UK, and events will be held from Belfast to London to Jersey for experienced coders to share their knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. 

Organisers are calling on Government and the UK tech community to back the campaign and show their support via #NationalCodingWeek. People can visit for help with organising their own events and more information on the week.

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Looking to the Future of Mobile at FOWD NYC

Future of Web Design NYC is only two months away! No, we can't believe it either! As the final pieces of the schedule slot into place we're getting pretty excited about the great mix of content and inspiring speakers.

Mobile design is, of course, always a hot topic and with a growing proportion of users around the world accessing the Web primarily via their smartphone, it's no wonder that companies are increasingly concerned with capturing (and holding onto) the mobile consumer.

Kyle Peatt is a designer and front-end developer at Mobify and believes we've only just scratched the surface of building effective e-commerce sites. Not only that but, as Apple's announcement yesterday clearly shows, we now need to be looking to the future of mobile e-commerce, with devices like smart watches, Google Glass and more soon to be shaping consumers' shopping habits and presenting us with new design challenges. Kyle's session, Taming The Frontier: A Look Into the Future of E-Commerce, will address these very questions.

We're also pleased to welcome Richard Banfield, one of our friends at Fresh Tilled Soil, who have consistently delivered awesome presentations at our events and proven themselves to be at the forefront of top quality design. Richard will be looking at how what makes us fundamentally human can drive the design of great products with his session You Have a Great Mobile Strategy But Nobody Cares.

Completing our mobile trio, Gian Wild will be joining us all the way from Australia, where her company Accessibility Oz works to implement accessibility standards across government websites. In her Mobile Accessibility session she'll address the challenges of accessibility on mobile devices and how to create awesome, inclusive experiences for everyone.

Tickets for FOWD NYC are on sale now!

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Content Strategy Guide for Agencies


If websites are primarily vehicles for content delivery, why do so many web projects still disproportionately focus on visual design and functionality at the expense of the content?

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Real-Time The Easy Way With EventSource, AngularJS and NodeJS

Editor's note: This guest blog post was written by the fantastic Tim Ruffles, the Head of Training at, a JavaScript training and development company. Tim is speaking at Future of Web Apps in London later this month. 

Tim RufflesWhen people think real-time their thoughts immediately leap to web-sockets. For many use-cases there exists a more productive approach, with good browser support hitting 100% via shims. Meet: EventSource AKA server-sent-events!

EventSource is a HTTP-based protocol that allows one-way evented communication from the server to the client. It avoids the overhead of polling, provides seamless reconnection without any code on your part and has an incredibly simple API.

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