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FOWA London - Day Two!

As the FOWA London conference wraps up, we've got today's highlights and inspiration from day two at the conference. Be sure to follow #FOWA for live updates from London's conference and our FOWA Boston conference in November. 


Speakers and attendees got up early to kick off day two of FOWA London!

Bruce Lawson began conference day two with his keynote speech... and pink unicorn rain poncho.

We got some amazing live demos from Tim Brandin's interactive talk about Meteor:

As well as some awesome #LifeHacking tips and advice from our speakers!

(Click the photo for Jennifer Riggins hacks)

 Ruth John did some VJing with a MIDI controller and browser



And got some fantastic insight on advanced adventures in Git from Lorna Mitchell!

(Click the photo for Lorna's content in book form)

We have so much more to share - check out the feed here with tweets from speakers, attendees, photos and slides from the sessions.

See you next year!!



FOWA London Day One! 

FOWA London is in full swing and we couldn't be more excited to share all that's going on with you! We've highlighted some great tweets and events from day one of the conference. Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap, too!

Our morning was off to a wonderful start, with pink rain ponchos... Maybe Bruce Lawson will let us borrow his?! 

... and we were instantly inspired and englightend from Robert Nyman's keynote speech. You can check out his slides from it here

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This Week's News Roundup


Facebook has new mobile profiles, North America is out of IPv4 addresses, how to build real-time laravel apps and more - we've got the latest and greatest from this week for you here. 


New Facebook Mobile Profiles

Product Hunt

5 Ways to Ready your site for Microsoft Edge and other modern browsers


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Colin Megill: FOWA Boston Speaker and 'Formidable' Expert on ReactJS 

If you are in the web dev community, you already know there's a major buzz around React.js

Colin Megill - a JavaScript, Node.js, and React developer. Is an expert in all things React.js and is bringing an exciting talk and mini workshop to FOWA Boston about a powerful visualisation library for React.js; Victory.js. Victory is a data visualization methodology that swaps out D3's DOM model for ReactJS. Victory.js combines low level control of animations and transitions with chart reusibility. According to Colin it's a total joy to work with, hence the name!

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Tobias van Schneider Answers Your Questions 

FOWD was lucky enough to get an hour out of Tobias van Schneider’s busy schedule to host a Live Q&A with him. He answered all of your fantastic questions, which you can read here.

Don't forget - you can see Tobias speak LIVE at FOWD NYC and San Francisco, and get 10% off your ticket by using code: TOBIASATFOWD. Register here.


Staying Motivated and Focused


Question: How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals while on the path of transitioning from a non-designer to an awesome designer?

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Life Hacking at Future of Web Apps London

We all love a good Hack! After all we are busy people - we want to get the best out of everything with the least amount of effort!

With this in mind we reached out to our amazing speakers for FOWA London - and it turns out they have wealth of hidden talents as well as being experts in their field! So check out what extra tips you could pick up alongside learning about the very latest in Toolkits and API's:

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Learn the Latest in Web Development - In One Day!

Ongoing professional development is imperative to ensure your employees are at their top performance and staying ahead of the competition. It's even more crucial for web developers, as technologies are ever-changing and skills need advancing. 

Employee development can be costly, especially when schooling is required. Lucky for you, the FOWA London Conference has one-day workshops to update your team on the latest in APIs, toolkits, frameworks and high-level strategy to push the web, and your business, forward. 

Join us at the FOWA London workshops on 5 October to gain the competitive advantage you and your buisness need to excel and surpass others in the industry. Choose the full-day workshop you'd like to attend and receive 20% off your ticket price - more incentive to send the whole team!

Enter code: TOTHEFUTURE when you register here


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FOWD Presents: Live Q&A with Award Winning Designer, Tobias van Schneider

We'll see you Wednesday at 11:00am EST (4:00pm BNT) for the Live Q&A. You must register here first before your questions are answered:

Sign up for the Live Q&A here.

You can submit your questions now, but note they will not be answered until Wednesday by Tobias, himself!

See you soon! 

Live Blog FOWD Presents: Live Q&A with Award Winning Designer, Tobias van Schneider
Live Blog FOWD Presents: Live Q&A with Award Winning Designer, Tobias van Schneider





SAVE THE DATE! Future of Web Design London Is Back!

That's right! Future of Web Design (FOWD) is back in London on 25-27 April 2016!

Next year is extra special for us as we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary! To mark this special occasion we'll be joined by some of our favourite speakers who have appeared on our stage over the last 10 years. Plus we'll be introducing you to some new faces too! Expect a healthy mix of practical and inspirational sessions covering UX, responsive design, accessibility, CSS and front-end development. You'll get the chance to meet like-minded individuals through creative and networking activities and a special 10th anniversary party! 

FOWD is THE design and developer event of 2016 - you won't want to miss it!

Tickets for Future of Web Design, London go on sale in a few months! Fill in the form on our website to get notifications of Early Bird sales.

If you're looking for a taster from last year, check out this video of FOWD London Keynote Speaker, Dan Mall. Enjoy!

See you in London in 2016!



Website Content Migration: Why Going-Away Parties Get Troublesome

Editor's Note: This is a guest blog post written by Maria Marinina, Internet Marketing Specialist at ScienceSoft. Join us at FOWD SF and NYC to see Michelle Barker's talk about Future Insight's own web migration project in her talk, 'Designing for Content Creators.'

While any website’s design is constantly being revamped according to the latest trends and tendencies, the information it contains most commonly has to be preserved intact. And with this contradiction lots of challenges of content migration emerge. Moving existing content to a redesigned site isn't as easy as it may sound and in some cases can appear even a more intricate task than a website development project done completely from scratch.


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