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Interview with FOWA Rising Star Dan Jenkins

This September, we celebrate the 8th consecutive Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference! The session session line-up is jam-packed with big names and hot topics, but we're extra proud of our Rising Star sessions. These are led by up-and-coming developers and designers who are pushing boundaries and working on exciting new projects you probably haven't heard of before!

Dan Jenkins, Senior Software Engineer at Digium and Director and Founder at Nimble Ape Ltd, is experienced in Node.JS, VoIP, and a host of other disciplines. Dan is breaking out onto the speaking circuit and will be joining us on our Rising Stars stage, so we thought we'd ask him how he got to where he is today, what advice he has on starting a new business, why WebRTC is so awesome and why his biggest influence is his dad.

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Win Your Way to FOWA London Update!

Summer may be coming to an end early here in the UK, but we won't let that ruin our summer spirit at Future Insights HQ!

People have been entering our hugely popular competition to win a 2-day conference pass to Future of Web Apps, London plus a 2-night stay in a hotel thanks to Holiday Extras. But we have an exciting update... The prize has been upgraded to a full Workshop and Conference pass PLUS a 3-night stay. Amazing!

If you haven't entered already you'll have to be quick as the competition ends this Thursday, 28th August. 

To enter, visit our contest entry page and tell us why you want to attend and learn about APIs and toolkits. One winner will be chosen randomly, and on 28 August we'll announce the name of that lucky individual who will join us for this awesome developer conference in the heart of London.

Don't be disheartened if you've already purchased a ticket because there is still a chance to win! Enter the contest as directed, and if you're selected as the winner you'll not only win the free hotel stay, but we'll refund the cost of your pass, as well. 

Good Luck :)


Meet Your Peers and Our Fabulous Speakers at FOWA London

Networking is an important part of an event.  Meeting new people and contacts in the industry. There are some awesome networking opportunities this year at FOWA London. Here are our top three:

Thought Hub

We want to give you the opportunity to put your view across on important topics in the web industry.

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Creator of jQuery, John Resig joining us at FOWA Boston!

We are very excited to announce that the creator of the jQuery JavaScript Library, John Resig will be our opening keynote at the Future of Web Apps, Boston, this October. 

John is currently the Dean of Computer Science at Khan Academy and is also the author of the books Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja as well as a visiting Researcher at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

An extremely experienced and captivating speaker with a wealth of knowledge, John will be joining us with his brand new keynote, 'Crunching Art Data with Node.js and Computer Vision'.

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Looking for Erik: We Discuss Design’s Past and Future with Erik Spiekermann

© Susanna DulkinysDirector Ken Loach’s 2009 film, Looking For Eric told the tale of a lonely man, lost and hopeless, who finds an unlikely guardian angel in the form of his hero, the footballer Eric Cantona, who begins to appear to him in visions and offer him advice.

Meeting your heroes can be an unsettling experience, perhaps leaving you tongue-tied, or disappointed when they don’t live up to your high expectations. Erik Spiekermann is a design hero to many, so it was with a certain nervousness as well as excitement that I called him up in his 7-storey house/studio in Berlin for a chat ahead of his talk at Future of Web Design, to see if younger designers could learn a thing or two from his success. Happily, he didn’t disappoint and is the kind of person who always has an interesting nugget of knowledge, with a clear passion for design.

Throughout Erik’s career, spanning 40+ years and working with most of the heavyweight designers you’ve ever heard of, it seems he’s had a hand in everything. Look around you and it’s likely you won’t have to go far to find some piece of graphic design that he’s been involved with. I even discovered that his agency, MetaDesign London, was responsible for designing much of the street signage and branding in my home city of Bristol in the 1990s, as part of the Bristol Legible City Initiative.

Some of the signage in Bristol, UK, designed by Erik Spiekermann

But, of course, that’s what great design is: It doesn’t shout, it’s a seamless experience for you, the user. You wouldn’t necessarily know it’s there, unless you went looking for it...

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Gartner's 2014 Hype Cycle Map is Just Too Fun

Last week technology research firm Gartner released its "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies," the 20th such report and map.  

In a previous life, as an enterprise tech journalist,  I paid a lot of attention to what the fine folks at Gartner Research had to say. They do a great job gathering information on the technologies that big enterprise companies find important. They're also paid by certain enterprises and technology firms to do that research, so that is something to keep in mind when reading the results. 

I love infographics and data visualizations - and pretty pictures! - and so I've always enjoyed the Gartner Hype Cycle. But after some time on the cutting edge with Future Insights, I feel like I know just enough to be dangerous about emerging technology. So let's have some fun with this year's Hype Cycle! 

Source: Gartner (August 2014)

Let's start with some map terminology.

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Don't Drive in Boston: Let Us Give You a Lyft

Driving in Boston can get ugly quickly; we drive fast and aggressive, and the system of roads is closer to a Jackson Pollock painting than any sort of grid. 

So when you're visiting us to attend Future of Web Apps JavaScript or the Ultimate Developer Event in October, don't rent a car. That's madness. And if you want to leave your travel up to a cabbie in our fair city, well that's up to you... (hint: you don't). 

We've got a better idea: use Lyft. They're partnering with us to give you $25 towards your first ride with Lyft. Just download Lyft's app at, go to the "Payments" section and enter the code:

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Roll Up Roll Up, It's the Official FOWA London Party!

Future of Web Apps London is just seven weeks away (29th September - 1st October) and we are getting super excited here at the Future Insights HQ.



The official FOWA Party has been booked and is taking place on Tuesday 30th September at the uber-cool circus-themed Trapeze Bar.   Join us and fellow attendees for FREE drinks and nibbles from our awesome event partner Media Temple!

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Erik Spiekermann Headlines Superstars Speaking at FOWD NYC!

The schedule is heating up for Future of Web Design NYC, running November 3–5 this year. Super Early Birds may have flown the nest, but fear not! Early Birds are available until August 22, still giving you a massive saving of $200 off the price of a conference pass. What’s not to like?

And to sweeten the deal we’ve gone and added these awesome people to the line-up…


Erik Spiekermann | @espiekermann

Founder of Edenspiekermann and FontShop, known to many as the author of typography bible Stop Stealing Sheep, and quite simple the godfather of type design, we’re super excited to have Erik joining us in NYC for Tuesday’s closing keynote! Session details are still to be confirmed, but expect insights aplenty and perhaps some off-beat humour from a world leader in design.


Main Stage

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Creating Easy Native Apps with Steroids and Alex Newman 

Alex Newman loves three things: coding, cats, and a whole subset of other stuff we're not going to talk about here due to time constraints, but likely including family members and definitely including Star Wars LEGOs. 

He's a designer and developer for Copter Labs, and he's hooked on Steroids. Yes, that Steroids, the one that creates mobile apps using HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, but with a native feel for both iOS and Android.  

We reached out to Alex, who is speaking at Future of Web Apps Boston, to hear what he's working on, how Steroids is helping him create native apps quickly and easily, and to see if he had a cat-themed Christmas sweater. Make sure you read to the end to see the answer to that last bit. 

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