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Biotechnology is not a new thing, per se. To some degree, we’ve been experimenting with and manipulating nature for centuries. The biotechnology industry today are creating innovations in biomanufacturing and biochemistry. We can thank biotechnological innovations for DNA sequencing, prescription medications, genetically modified foods, and 3D printing. It’s undeniable that we owe most of the modern aspects of our society to biotechnology product developers. Their experimentation and process developers will continue to push us into the future of health, medicine, and technology. Here are some of the ways in which Biotech is shaping our future as we speak.

Advanced Science


Bio-Technical Resources (BTR) is a company of biochemists and biotechnology process developers that work in strain development and fermentation. Bio-Technical Resource’s process development services help their clients who are either starting from scratch or looking for a way to streamline their current processes in a cost-effective way. Process development biotech‘s chemical engineers have years of experience in the manufacturing process. Their product developers have created a new process that couples the strain development and fermentation processes to maximize the yield of their products.

Bio-Technical Resources’ chemical engineers employ two different approaches in molecular biology for strain development and fermentation: Classical Mutagenesis Strain Development and Advanced Recombinant Strain Development. The classical approach focuses on increasing the yields of the process developers and the advanced approach focuses on metabolic engineering. While other biotech companies continue their development projects with a separation of strain development and fermentation, Bio-Technical Resources’ world-renowned production facility is known for their technological advances and product quality.

Engineering and Development


Some of the strain development projects they’ve been working on in their manufacturing facility include E. coli Metabolic Engineering and Yeast Metabolic Engineering. Through the process of gene amplification in the yeast metabolic engineering project, process developers found it led to significant increases in the mevalonate levels, and at these levels, there was evidence of metabolic restriction.

Bio-Technical Resources employs its world-class technology and equipment as well as their high standards for manufacturing to create high-quality commercial and medical products. Their Adaptive Evolution technique allows them to select for specific gene traits that meet the needs of their clients and yield the highest possible outcome.

A Wealth of Services


BTR also provides other services such as protein expression, downstream processing, and analytical biochemistry. Having a production facility with such a wide variety of services provided is what makes them stand out from other product developers. Bio-Technical Resources is one of the most distinguished biotech companies because they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we previously thought biotechnology was capable of providing our society. Their process development scientists are continuously developing new techniques and equipment to improve their existing products and create new medicines and other commercial products.

The work of these process development scientists is so important because it continues to make technological strides that will change our world for the better. Biotech companies and product developers are working to promote sustainable living and increased health across the general population. Especially with the current state of society during the COVID-19 pandemic, the research and development done by biotech companies are crucial. From genetically modifying food for yield maximization to gene editing in humans in order to create better medications, these process developers give us hope for the future of wellness and medicine.

Standards and Specifications


Bio-Technical Resources biotech process development associates are highly trained in meeting each of their clients’ specifications in the manufacturing process. Their manufacturing facility has 55 years of experience in research and development. They’ve created commercial antibiotics, chemicals, and proteins for their clients for decades. In order to do this, they have optimized their process development, and with their high standards for their product developers and manufacturing, they guarantee the highest product quality.

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