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The competition in the business world is intense, and many companies are seeking innovative ways to stay relevant. They draw up plans to garner the right attention for their products or services. This is when a good digital marketing strategy comes in. This article breaks down why digital marketing is so effective, even for established brands.

1. It’s cost-effective.



With just a mobile device, you can readily make use of digital marketing. What’s more, there are many high-quality, user-friendly marketing tools online. Some come with costs. Nonetheless, when compared to traditional methods, digital marketing is less costly. It also offers a better return on investment and is less cumbersome, and requires less staff.


For example, let’s say you own an online store that sells a collection of luxury wristwatches from watchmaker specialists like Patek Philippe. A simple blog post of their latest watch timepiece can reach many potential customers. This post can detail the main features of the watch (e.g if it’s a pocket watch, or if it’s made from white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or stainless steel, etc). The post will be left there all year, so engagement is sure to be continuous. Such a post is free. On the contrary, if you were to place newspaper ads, you’ll have spent more money. Worse yet, you’ll likely reach fewer people.

2. It offers a broader reach.

Approximately 5.13 billion people use a mobile device. Out of this, 4.66 billion are online. This is more than 66% of the global population. You can easily reach out to such a large and diverse market base anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. With good content, you can readily catch their attention and pitch your brand to them.


The speed and ease with which this happens are less with traditional marketing systems. Keep in mind that in the future, more people will get access to the internet. Better digital marketing publicity tools and systems will also be available. So, you can certainly reach even more people.

3. It offers measurable metrics.



One key advantage of this type of marketing is the ability to assess its impact. Most digital marketing tools offer metrics that you can regularly evaluate to understand how well your business performs.

Some of these metrics include view count, likes, etc. These are quite common on social media platforms that also offer these metrics periodically, for example, you can see the number of views per week or day.


You can also view the number of people who clicked on a post. For pages that are open to subscription, you can assess the number of followers or subscribers. You can then strategize on creating content to fit their inclinations.

4. It offers easier personalization of products and services.

The algorithms of most digital media platforms allow analytics on the inclinations of individuals. With the right analytic tool, you can obtain accurate personal data on a person. You can conveniently do this within a short time. This is almost impossible with the traditional physical data collection methods.


The acquired data will help you determine the preferences of a customer or potential client. You can also understand the type of content a particular customer likes based on their reaction to your posts. Since you’re aware of these details, you can tailor your promotion to target their requirements specifically.

5. It enhances communication with customers.



Many social media platforms have inbuilt communication tools within them. With these, you can readily engage customers or potential in real-time. When you post content on your latest product, these customers can easily reach out to you to make inquiries. This technique also offers an easy way to facilitate transactions and rapidly solve both current and potential customers’ concerns.


Ultimately, swift and reliable communication will enhance customer service. Customers will be confident in your brand, knowing that they can readily reach out and their issues will be solved swiftly, which ultimately improves your brand reputation. All in all, digital marketing has a higher chance of delivering positive results.

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