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You’ve probably seen keno at some point. It’s a common lottery game that takes place across the United States, in some cases at multiple points throughout the day. It’s a welcome thrill and sometimes a welcome bonus when you strike the right numbers and win big.

Now, keno has expanded even further to allow for raffles and results at all hours of the day and an opportunity to win, thanks to Nettikeno.

What Is Nettikeno?


Nettikeno is the latest in online casino games, providing keno players a stray away from the usual televised drawing with the chance at a payout at just about any time of day.

For those of you who are new to keno, it allows players to choose numbers from one through 80, making wagers on specific numbers as a lottery drawing delivers chosen by a random number generator or ball machine similar to what you might see in rival games like bingo. Casinos set series of payouts in keno, basing profit for gambles on how many numbers they pick currently and the number of bonuses they could receive.

Keno lotteries allow easy access online through a computer or mobile device, allowing gamblers to be able to play by just pressing a button. Nettikeno lets gamblers try the game as a test run first, using play money to see if they have a real fire for the game. Take advantage of those free spins, because once you feel ready to put down real money with your first casino deposit. You will be required to give an e-mail address and some personal information to assure you get the payout you won fair and square. After all, winnings in online keno can run higher. Plus, various promotions could even increase your luck.

Different Versions of Nettikeno


The different versions of Nettikeno have just slight differences rather than the usual regular lottery or the glitz and over the top display of Las Vegas. The main differences being:

  • How many numbers are in the game coupon
  • How many numbers can be chosen
  • Profit distribution tables
  • Keno odds
  • The amount of profit
  • Return percentage
  • How quickly the winnings are paid out

Regardless of the variations, the rules to Nettikeno are not all that complicated compared to the casino game. Just choose your online casino and the style of the keno game, and then pick the lucky numbers that you wish to bet on. Once you have your favorites, place your bet. Be sure to practice with some budgeting, making sure to not expend too much of your real money on wagers with Nettikeno.

After that, all you have to do is start the draw, and then check and see if you won. It’s tons of fun, and so much fun when you strike it rich.

Benefits of Online Keno

Beyond the payouts when you win, Nettikeno gives long-term customers rewards with major bonuses to boost their profits. Some online casinos even offer up a welcome package that includes a bonus when you sign up. The most common casino bonuses are free to play money available on top of your welcome offer deposit.

Getting started with Nettikeno is very easy without learning complicated rules, and there’s no pressure on wagering too little and there’s no having to wait for a daily drawing. Think of it as your way to create an at-home escape.

The puzzle is figuring out the number that is right for you and trying to open the closed door that is keeping you from a big fat payday. Exiting that escape room is the joy and celebration you experience when your numbers light up.

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