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WFO Call Center software provides businesses with the ability to maximize their customer service through automated forecasting, scheduling, and increased quality control. There are many features of Workforce Optimization that allow business owners to make adjustments to their business to improve efficiency allowing their business to grow quickly.

WFO software is ideal for any business utilizing a call center, 24-hour call answering, or operating out of multiple locations. Ensuring consistent customer service across multiple locations is challenging, but one of the many things WFO can accomplish.

One of the many industries that can benefit greatly from this software is law firms. The overhead costs of running a small law firm can make it nearly impossible to succeed. The firms that attain significant growth and financial success are the ones that operate over a large geographic area across multiple offices or throughout numerous geographic regions.

For example, medical malpractice attorneys like the Davis Kelin Law Firm provide services throughout the state of New Mexico. Malpractice attorneys often receive calls at all hours as potential clients are responding to the emergencies in their lives. They may need help or advice in the evenings or over weekends. When someone is in crisis, they want an immediate response, which is why a call center is so vital.

One of the many functions of a medical malpractice attorney is to protect clients from insurance claims adjusters, who are trained to contact victims directly and get them to say things that can later be used against them in court. Then sooner you have retained an attorney, the better protected you will be because you will be able to provide your attorney's information to anyone attempting to call you for a settlement.

If you are running a law firm and trying to determine is WFO software is going to beneficial to you, here are a few of the potential benefits to consider.

1. Quality Control

WFO software will analyze both voice and text interactions for quality assurance. You will not have to wait until there is a problem to investigate and then listen to hours of recordings to determine what happened. WFO will provide analytics based on the quality control monitoring that can improve your key performance indicators (KPIs). Ensuring that you are providing consistently high-quality customer service is vital to growing your law firm. Although word-of-mouth marketing is always valuable, it is particularly essential for lawyers as people experiencing trauma want to work with someone they believe they can trust. When looking for a good lawyer, people are more likely to ask their friends and family for recommendations. Customer service plays a central role in whether or not former clients are willing to recommend you to others.

2. Specific Training

Analyzing the information provided through the quality control monitoring will allow you to see where changes are needed, and more training is required. You may identify problems you had not previously considered and address them accordingly. There is a wide range of training programs available that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your phone agents. However, you need to know which skills they lack to schedule the most needed training.

3. Effective Teamwork

The software provides advanced algorithms to forecast scheduling needs. Combined with information regarding agent availability and skills, the software will do the scheduling for you to ensure that people are scheduled when they are available, and there are adequate agents to handle the volume of calls at any given time. You may also choose to combine this software with a cloud contact center solution to utilize remote teams and expand across multiple geographic areas.

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