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Sometimes getting a handle on finances takes earning extra money and finding the time to take on another job. The good news is that there are plenty of interesting jobs around that are flexible and make earning extra cash easy. Explore these unique business ideas and creative ways to make money. 


For those who enjoy hosting guests, renting out spare rooms via a home-sharing network can be lucrative. Whether renting out an entire home or a single room, earning extra money from home only requires a hospitable attitude and maintaining a clean home. Home-sharing site Airbnb verifies all users before connecting hosts and travelers and has security measures in place to support all parties. People commonly use Facebook Marketplace to rent out rooms or entire homes as well. 

Making income off of a home is a creative way to pay an offset home loan. The offset account benefits from Loans include paying less interest and a reduced term length on a home loan. Paying less interest can mean getting out of debt faster. The experts at Loans work with customers to secure the lowest variable rate and save thousands. 

Drive People Around

Another way to earn money in the sharing economy is to become a driver with Lyft or Uber. Drivers can work either full-time or part-time, set their own working hours, and drive in all major U.S. cities. Get notified on the app anytime a user requests a ride, accept the request, and meet the user. It’s a great job for people who love interacting with others. 

Secret Shopper

Working as a secret shopper is a fun job for those with a great memory, attentive to details, and can report about an experience. Companies pay secret shoppers to undercover at various stores and report on their customer experience. Shoppers are paid for their insights while enjoying free meals, travel, and shopping. Mobile app Mobee alerts users to mystery shopping assignments, and there is also Marketforce, an established site with high earning potential. 

Get Paid For Reviews 

A job perfect for music lovers is to sign up with Slicethepie.com. Users get paid to listen to and review unsigned bands and artists online. Payments are based on the quality of reviews, and users can earn more per review through the referral program. Spending up to ten minutes a day listening to and reviewing music can earn an extra $50 a month.

Companies are happy to pay for opinions. People get paid to participate in focus groups, surveys, and product trials. Many large companies pay people to review the usability of their websites as well. The pay ranges and is based on how much time it takes the user to do. 

Sell Things From Home 

Take advantage of the “For Free” section of Craigslist and sell items from home. There are plenty of great free finds that, assuming the condition, can be resold for money. Another option is to resell unworn clothing hanging in the closet. Set up a yard sale, post on Facebook Marketplace, or through website ThredUp. 

For those with the entrepreneurial spirit, an e-commerce business is a great way to earn extra money from home. All it takes is a niche product offering, a target audience, and a visible presence online to attract customers. E-commerce business requires a strong focus on marketing, which can be interrupted by fulfilling customer orders. 

To save businesses the responsibility of completing orders, the big commerce drop shipping company Modalyst offers automated drop shipping for retailers. Businesses can upload as many products as they wish, and Modalyst will maintain automatic inventory updates. Orders are synced in real-time and shipped out. 

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