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At high school and college graduations, it’s common to hear the keynote speakers encourage the students to follow their passion for becoming successful at whatever career they choose to follow. The idea behind that encouragement is that if you choose a career doing what you’re passionate about, then you’ll work harder to succeed. While that type of encouragement is amazing, you need to look at the field of study you’re going into with a more jaded eye.

For example, journalism is on the decline, while cybersecurity careers are on the rise. There’s no denying that computers are the wave of the future, so high school students that have recently graduated would do well to check into a cybersecurity education if they want security in their career choice. Below you can find a few of the top career choices to pursue in 2021 if you want a career that’s destined to last.



The median salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is around $75,000 a year. Many in the cybersecurity workforce are bringing in $116,000 annually by mid-career. In a world that’s increasingly reliant on everything to do with technology, cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common. This major will ensure that you’re educated on everything to do with the cyberattacks that the world is facing today, and it’s a career field that shows no signs of declining.

Software Developer


Another lucrative career to follow in 2021 is that of software development. The median salary at the beginning for a software developer is $74,000 a year, with most developers making $102,000 annually mid-way through their career. It’s truly no surprise that software development has made it onto this list, as it’s dealing with the software used in computers, video game systems, and other technological, internet-driven devices. This is easily a career that can be done at home if you apply to the right places.

Game Design


Believe it or not, game design is a real career, which is a great thing for gamers who are searching for a career they’re passionate about. The starting salary for a game designer is around $51,000 a year, with the mid-line coming in at $90,000 annually. While it is a newer type of career, video games have become an extremely popular thing in the last several years, and the demand for them to be made has made this a lucrative career to get into.



One career field on every list of great and lucrative careers is a nursing career. The starting salary is usually around $51,000 a year, with a $69,000 a year salary by mid-career. While not as lucrative as many of the careers on this list, nursing is a career you can be proud of, and it’s always in demand. If you have a passion for helping others, a nurse’s career will allow you to do that. There’s a need for nurses out there, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, so if you’re looking for a career that will last, then this is the one.

Liberal Arts


For those who aren’t computer-oriented or feel that nursing isn’t the right choice for them, a liberal arts career may be the ticket. Liberal arts covers a wide range of careers such as writing, sociology, psychology, and the like. The starting salary for many career paths is often around $55,000 a year, with mid-line reaching $86,000 and climbing.

These are just a few of the best career options for 2021. From cybersecurity to liberal arts and from a rewarding career in nursing to working from home in game design or software development, these are the careers that most college graduates should consider pursuing in 2021.

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