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Most people go through the process of selling their house at least once during their lifetime. And this process involves a lot of different steps, especially if you’re selling your home yourself. When you’re selling your own house, it’s up to you to get the word out to potential buyers so you have some good selling options — this is where hosting an open house party comes in. Having an open house party can be the perfect way to show off your home to potential buyers and here are a few tips to help you host the best party possible.

Consider a theme

While you want to have an open house party to show your home to potential buyers, you still want to throw a good party. So in order to host the best party possible, consider choosing a theme for your party. A theme can help you plan decorations and your menu with more ease — and it’s always more fun to have a themed party. You can choose any theme you want, but it’s always easy to choose a theme related to the season or an upcoming holiday. For example, if you’re throwing the party in the winter, consider a “Winter Wonderland” theme and decorate with snowflakes and winter-related food and drink. But all in all, just choose a fun and simple theme to help make the party more entertaining.

Have plenty of food and drinks

No party is complete without enough food and drinks to go around. Party food is great because you don’t have to feed your guests a full meal — finger foods and appetizers do just fine. So when you’re planning your party, start to put together a menu. Consider a wide variety of foods, including things like chips and dip, vegetables and fruits, cheese and crackers, and you can even have one big menu item like soup. Make sure to have plenty of plates and napkins around the house so guests can grab food at any time. And when you’re putting the food out, it’s a good idea to put food at various locations throughout the house. Doing this will not only ensure people have easy access to the food, but it will also help guide them through the house, too.

Having a self-serve bar can also be a great addition to your party. This not only allows you to mingle and move around instead of being stuck making drinks all night, but it can be fun for guests, too. So head to the liquor store and get a good variety of options. Guests can then help themselves and make their own drinks — you can also create a little menu with a few basic drink recipes on it to encourage those who don’t normally make their own drinks to give it a try.

Prepare your house

With the point of an open house party being to show off your house, you need to make sure it’s ready for guests. There are several things you’ll want to do in order to get your house ready for the party. First, you’ll want to clean — and not just a quick vacuuming and dusting. You’ll want to deep clean as much of your house as possible. You should clean all of the floors, countertops, and furniture. You’ll want to focus on high-traffic areas, as well. And don’t forget about the places you may not normally clean, like behind the toilet and under furniture. Along with cleaning, you’ll want to depersonalize the house. Take down any family photos and decorations that are unique to your family. When people visit a house, they want to be able to see themselves living there and depersonalizing it will help with this process. And lastly, don’t forget to check out some home design inspiration. If your home decor is a little out of date, you may want to invest in a few new, modern pieces. You’d be surprised by how much a fresh coat of paint, a few throw pillows, and a new rug can change a room. Decorating your home doesn’t have to take a lot, but it can certainly help your home look its best.

Hosting an open house party can seem overwhelming, especially since the goal of the party is to attract potential buyers. But with these simple tips, your guests will have a great time and you can plan your party with ease.

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