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The road is a dangerous place. Every year, thousands of Americans are killed in car accidents, and still more are seriously hurt. Yet, for many, avoiding the open road simply isn’t an option. We need to get to work and other commitments, and precious few places in the United States are navigable without a car. All that most people can do is try to make their necessary driving as safe as possible.

Fortunately, when it comes to protecting themselves on the road and protecting their rights after an accident, Americans have more tools at their disposal than ever. Modern cars, trucks, and SUVs have safety features that put past models to shame. Research and activism have helped awaken America to the dangers of drunk driving, distracted driving, and other poor decisions. Talented attorneys who specialize in personal injury law and auto collision incidents are there for you in the unfortunate event that you should need them. Here’s what you should know about protecting yourself on the road and beyond.

Buying smart

A lot goes into your decision to buy a new car, truck, or SUV. You’ll have to craft a budget, consider financing, and weigh factors as diverse as the depreciation rate and the style of the exterior. But one factor should loom particularly large as you consider your options. We’re talking, of course, about safety!

Virtually any vehicle that you could choose right now would be safer than cars used to be. Older vehicles sported safety features that seem positively primitive by today’s standards. In recent years, improvements to things like crumple zones and airbags have made cars safer than the designers and engineers of the 1970s and 1980s could have ever imagined.

You’ll have the ability to compare and contrast a lot of vehicles with a lot of different safety features and a range of different safety ratings as you shop. Consider your options carefully, and use online marketplaces like Auto Auction Mall to broaden your search beyond any single dealership’s stock.

Driving smart, now and in the future

The right car can make a big difference in a dangerous situation. Your best option, though, is always going to be to avoid the accident in the first place.

With that in mind, you should focus on making the right decisions before and during each drive. It should go without saying that you should never get behind the wheel when drunk. But be wary of other, less well-known dangers, too: Distracted driving, including eating while driving, can be deadly.

Invest in driving safety courses and learn defensive driving. Obey all road signs, traffic laws, and authorities. Being proactive about your safety on the road could save your life.

Accidents and the law

Even if you drive carefully and use a very safe vehicle, you can’t know what the future holds. The unfortunate truth is that other people’s negligence can still put you at risk. With that in mind, you should always know what to do after an accident.

Familiarize yourself with best practices following a collision, and be prepared to keep track of injuries and financial damages you suffer. If you are harmed in an accident that was the fault of someone else, then you could be entitled to compensation, explains an expert New Mexico car accident attorney. Hiring the best representation is the best way to seek this settlement.

With the right attorney in your corner, you could make a strong case and could potentially get the funds you deserve through a settlement or court award. When it comes to protecting yourself and your interests, personal injury law has an important role to play!

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