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Every homeowner will, at some point, think about how best to protect their real estate investment. If you have a mortgage, for example, you’re required to have homeowners insurance. Many people that own their homes still have optional coverage, but an option that’s lost some popularity over the years is the home warranty. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to rethink the pros of a home warranty. Let’s take a look at why it’s a great choice to protect your home systems with the help of a home warranty company.

Big Ticket Items


Probably the biggest reason people chose to have a warranty is for expensive products. Between home appliances, hardwood floors, and air conditioners, there are several major systems that are covered by a home warranty. If you’ve chosen to upgrade your flooring with a company like Plum Carpet, you’ll definitely want to seek a home warranty plan. Vinyl plank flooring is a great way to upgrade your home. Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is popular in the United States. Laminate floors are scratch-resistant and can look like granite or hardwood floors. Even in a high-traffic area, they are a great option because they are resistant to stains and are hard to scuff. They can withstand years of use under normal wear, but accidents can happen. Your best option is to be prepared. A vinyl plank floor from Plum Carpet is an investment you’ll want to protect. Using additional coverage like a home warranty is an ideal way to do this.

Quality Companies

When purchasing a warranty, not only do you have options in which appliances—like a refrigerator, washer, or dryer—are covered, but a reason to seek additional coverage is due to the quality of the home warranty provider. For people living in the Sunshine State, there are some great home warranty companies in Florida to pick from. As a Florida homeowner, for example, you have access to one of the best home warranty companies in the business. A person moving to Florida would notice they aren’t alone in the process, either. Since South Florida is such a popular choice to live in right now, you’ll have a wealth of choices to pick from. You’ll be able to select the best home warranty with your real estate agent that accommodates all of your new needs.



Another reason people turn to a home warranty plan to protect their investment is the cost. Home repairs can be a costly expense if you don’t plan for them. Often with homeowner insurance, there can be a large deductible associated with your plan. This typically isn’t the case with your coverage plan with a warranty. Often, your out-of-pocket annual costs will be at the affordable price point of less than $1000. Make sure you are looking at your home warranty contract to see which systems and appliances are covered with your plan. A warranty company often provides a free quote for what’s covered as well as optional add-ons in case you want to add an addition to your coverage.

Peace of Mind

Probably the best reason to look into an American home warranty is to ease your mind. Most people don’t know how to fix all the major home systems in their dwelling. Knowing that a qualified technician will arrive to work on the plumbing or roof leaks can lower your stress levels dramatically. Also, a Florida home warranty (or a warranty provider elsewhere in the U.S.) will help to make sure your air conditioner is running smoothly through those humid summer months. Central air becomes a necessity during June, July, and August and it will be more than just frustration you’ll deal with if your AC unit stops working during this time. Ultimately, when you protect your home with a warranty, it’s another level of financial protection that will continue to add to the value of your home for years to come.

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