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Many businesses rely on retail sales, which come from trading goods or products. As such, these companies must accumulate massive inventories that can support their business operations. Storing products means you have a responsibility to keep them safe, so enterprises are increasingly concerned about practical ways to protect their inventories for good reasons.

Failure to adequately protect inventory puts your company at risk of suffering losses. Although you might recoup these losses later on, it’s generally best if they don’t occur in the first place. Below are some specific tips to effectively safeguard your inventory.

Conduct regular inventory audits.


Inventory audits are necessary to take stock of the inventory you have on-site and compare it to your business’ internal inventory records. You can also cross-check your inventory audits against sales and purchase documents to detect spoilage, theft, and other types of inventory shrinkage. Internal audits are particularly effective against employee theft, as they act as a potent psychological deterrent. When employees know that you randomly audit inventory and track access to inventory storage, they‚Äôll be discouraged from stealing. Self-storage facility operators can also obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for their real estate property for more protection. Trusted insurance brokers such as World Insurance are examples of reputable insurance providers.

World Insurance is an insurance brokerage firm that facilitates access to insurance for self storage investors. Their comprehensive self-storage commercial insurance program is tailored to protect the assets of self-storage operators. As a real estate investor, you may consider self-storage investing as a great way to enjoy regular rents. However, becoming a self-storage owner comes with unique risks that you should be prepared for as well. Self-storage insurance protects your public storage facility against property damage to the self-storage units themselves and your office buildings. You‚Äôre also covered against general consumer goods liability as well as cybercrime and pollution liability, among others. What’s more, they have extensive insurance brokerage experience, helping the self-storage industry with their insurance needs for about a decade.

Prioritize appropriate handling of inventory.

Inventory damage can render your products unsellable, leading to financial losses which you may not recover from. Consequently, it’s prudent to handle inventory with the best of care to guard against this. Ensure that you and your workers know how to stock, set up, and display your items. Also, display all instructions and warnings about the proper handling of items, so your employees are well aware. Lastly, discourage customers from handling sensitive items to prevent them from mishandling stock. Many companies prioritize proper inventory management as part of their operations. Trusted retailers such as the Store are very careful about inventory handling.

The Store provides great deals on a wide range of refurbished electronics. Their products include refurbished phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, headphones, smart home devices, and other refurbished devices. They test and inspect their refurbished products to ensure that each device looks and works like new. Also, all products are sanitized and come with original accessories, a new battery and software, and a charger. What’s more, they offer a one-year warranty on their products, repairing or exchanging them for free if defects develop within twelve months.

Invest in security technology.

You can rely on technology to safeguard your inventory against external and internal threats, so keep this in mind. Security alarms for your doors and windows can alert police when break-ins occur. Also, using advanced door locks can secure storage areas and deter break-ins and internal theft. Security cameras can also record thefts and help identify thieves if the need arises. These days, you can even monitor surveillance systems and security alarms from anywhere using your smartphone, so consider investing in security technology to protect your inventory.

Several businesses rely on inventory as part of their business operations. The above-listed points are helpful tips to keep this inventory safe from theft and damage, preventing you from suffering crippling losses.

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