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Most people don’t mind splurging on a stylish wardrobe. However, designing a wardrobe can be an overwhelming task regardless of whether you’re building a new closet or remodeling an existing space. Interior decor experts recommend tailoring your design according to your lifestyle and closet needs.

Given the plethora of clothing options available today, you should have a stylish closet that makes you feel your best whenever you are up and about. Continue reading to learn how to design your dream custom wardrobe.

1. Find a wardrobe designer.


If you’re not DIY-oriented, consider contacting a closet designer to create a custom design for you. Alternatively, you may decide to purchase a custom wardrobe. No doubt, buying a ready-made wardrobe is an affordable way to get your dream wardrobe. Today, manufacturers take into account the individual style and expression of customers when designing cabinets. However, have a good idea of the size and material of the wardrobe. Also, think about the main features found in wardrobes. You might prefer a walk-in hinged or sliding closet that can suitably hold all clothing items. You can discuss all this with the retailers.

2. Try to identify your style.

Once your custom closet is ready, you then have to identify your style. Not everyone can have the same fashion sense. It would help if you had unique markers that distinguish your style from others. If you’re yet to identify your style, you can find inspiration by searching relevant and authoritative fashion websites or magazines. This will give you a good idea of the latest fashion trends.

You may decide to create a list of popular looks, clothing items, and garments worn by fashion icons that you wouldn’t mind trying out yourself. Identifying your fashion style is vital for selecting clothing items to incorporate into your wardrobe. Think about the type of style you are looking to achieve. Do you want people to perceive it as edgy, hipster, classic, contemporary, or sporty? For example, the sporty style incorporates garments like sports-themed T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball hats, and sneakers.

On the other hand, classic style can incorporate button-down shirts, blazers, slim dress pants, and dress shoes. Some pieces of clothing can fit perfectly into different styles, making it easy to fuse two or more styles into one to create your unique style.

3. Select pieces of clothing that define your style.


Once you’ve chosen your style, the next thing is to sort through the clothes in your closet to find items that reflect current trends. That way, you have the perfect base to begin building your custom wardrobe from start to finish. Let’s say you’ve decided to adopt a classic style. You need to visit a clothing store to stock up on statement clothing and accessories in different shapes, fits, and colors. Keep in mind that classic wardrobes do not go out of fashion. You can mix and match timeless pieces with modern, trendy clothing to create a flattering style.

A good rule of thumb is to pick staple clothing items that never go out of fashion. You can decide to incorporate a couple of seasonal items. For example, consider buying sweaters and turtlenecks for the winter season. Remember, choose pieces of clothing that provide a proper fit for your body.

4. Find unique pieces of accessories.

Wardrobe units won’t be complete without unique accessories. Consider investing in accessories that complement your fashion style. If you’re looking to achieve a classic style, you should stock up on timeless pieces of accessories that have survived through time.

Lean more heavily on pieces of jewelry that suit your skin tone best. Invest in a functional and stylish watch that’ll punctuate your style. If you live in regions that experience sweltering heat, buying a pair of sunglasses can make a world of difference for you. Always pick a pair that complements your face shape to achieve proper fitting.

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