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Customer support is one of the most important parts of a company’s infrastructure. As much as people love to shop online, they still prefer to speak to a real person over the phone when they need expert solutions. However, did you know the format of your number can have a major impact on your inbound call volume?

Every inbound call your company receives is an opportunity to leave a good impression on a customer and promote customer loyalty. That’s why it’s great to have a business phone number that’s easy for customers to remember. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a landline and a toll-free number for your business. Continue reading to learn why your company should adopt a toll-free number.

Customers prefer phone support to live chats and chatbots.


Some things never change. For instance, even though online shopping and online live support are prevalent features of companies these days, most people would still prefer to call your business than chat with an agent online.

People are social beings, and such being the case, human connection gives us peace of mind in stressful times. Think about it for a second. When you’re in the middle of a crisis, do you send your BFF an instant message or give them a call? Well, that same instinct applies to stressed-out customers in need of expert support.

One of the great things about having a 1300 number is that it gives them peace of mind about the business they’re calling. In other words, having a toll-free number gives your business credibility in the eyes of consumers.

They extend your market area and are easy to remember.

1300 numbers are to Australia what 1800 numbers are to the United States, meaning you can’t tie the number to a specific location. If your business has a regular Australian phone number, it could give potential customers the impression that your company’s market is restricted to the region from which your phone number comes.

Furthermore, if you use a mobile phone number for your business, it will be obvious to callers and could cause them to question the integrity of your business. It could even lead them to believe your phone number falls under the category of “potential spam” when you reach out to customers. However, a toll-free landline says to callers, “This is a real business, and we serve the entire country.

Another great thing about 1300 numbers is they’re much easier to remember than residential Australian phone numbers. You should have a business phone number that’s so easy to remember that callers don’t even have to look it up. The easier your number is to remember, the more calls your business will receive, and the more your customers will appreciate you.

Business phone numbers work well as marketing tools.


We’ve saved the best reason for having a toll-free number for last. The most beneficial aspect of having a toll-free business number is that you can use your phone number as part of your marketing and branding.

Being that you can pick your toll-free business number—assuming it’s available—you can choose a number that correlates to the name of your business. You could even pick a sequential number like 1-300-1234-5678. There’s something about catchy, easy-to-remember phone numbers that just make you want to dial them. If your phone number also happens to correspond to the name of your business, all the better.

Even though people like to shop online, they still prefer to receive customer support over the phone. A toll-free inbound number is a great way to tell customers you mean business and your business is legit. Furthermore, 1300 phone numbers are easy for callers to remember and can even bolster your marketing efforts. So, stop giving customers your mobile phone number and get a landline with a toll-free number.

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