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Growing up, were you one of those kids that were obsessed with technology? You spent hours in your room playing video games or coding your own websites. You used to build your own computers and program your own systems. Figuring out how things worked always appealed to you, and you loved a challenge. Chances are that you’re not an absolute tech nerd. Still, being good with technology can open the door to so many different career paths for you. You have a bright future thanks to your skills and your passions. Get excited about the endless possibilities.

Along with technology, another field that continues to expand, grow, and change is the financial industry. As the world becomes more and more digitized, the worlds of finance and technology start to overlap more. Having a background in tech opens the door to a career in finances in new and exciting ways. Feel free to take the opportunity to explore different areas where your skills and interests can collide to create a fulfilling, prosperous career. Here are just a few of the financial careers that are perfect for tech gurus.

Tech Investment

If you’re looking for a career that’s fairly simple and straightforward, you may be interested in investment opportunities. The beauty of this field is that it can offer you passive income that you don’t have to work tremendously hard to earn. You simply have to geek out about the credentials and thresholds of private funds and minimum investments and understand all the nuances to be successful.

Increase your net worth by finding accredited investor opportunities. To become accredited, you have to hit a net worth minimum or earn a gross income of around $200,000. You can then invest that capital into projects, hedge funds, or investment opportunities. Knowing your way around a computer and high-tech systems will help you make the best decisions for your investments and your future.

App Development

Smartphones are essential to our society. Think about the past few decades and how this industry has exploded. Do you even know anyone in your day-to-day life that doesn’t own and use a smartphone? Probably not. People love the convenience of having all your information and applications right at your fingertips with the click of a button.

You can start a financial career in developing apps for a private company that helps people organize their finances. Whether it’s a banking app, a money sharing technology, or budgeting software, the possibilities are endless to create a new application to help people manage their money right on their phones. This is one of the top careers in technology for self-proclaimed geeks because you get to mix your creative side with your programming and financial skills.

Blockchain Development

Speaking of newfound tech developments, there are plenty of financial opportunities using a new kind of currency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are opportunities for you to invest your money into this digital currency and earn more money through those means. If you enjoy these kinds of tech challenges, you can work to develop blockchains and connect this new kind of currency in effective, efficient systems. Be on the cusp of an emerging enterprise, and help develop this new technology.


As finances start becoming more and more digitized, there becomes a higher threat to your security. Whatever venture capital or investment opportunities you’re pursuing, you want to be sure all types of investments in your future are safe and secure. As a tech geek, you have experience tracking hackers and stopping viruses. You aren’t going to be intimidated by malware programs or attempts at phishing your staff. You have the perfect skills to work in finance to make sure cybersecurity is the best it can be. Help keep your money and everyone else’s investment options safe and secure in their digital homes.

This is the kind of job that may require a little more formal education. A degree in tech and a guarantee that you will maintain a secure partnership is important when you’re working in security. It’s good to ask do colleges run background checks on students so you can show your pristine record before being recruited to work in security. You want your student background checks and public record to be spotless in order to appeal to administrators in regards to your capacity to be trusted.

Financial Analyst

Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to do your due diligence and predict the reality of companies moving forward. You want to understand investments and trends from last year to help predict what is to come. A job as a financial analyst may be the perfect fit for you. This position allows you to run studies and forecast all business operations. You’ll be an extremely useful asset to the team as you help them plan and adjust for upcoming periods of decline or times of growth. Take your tech and analytics skills to the next level with your qualifications to be a financial analyst.

Product Manager

Business is all about manufacturing products and selling goods and services. In order to make money, you need to manage your products and match them with your finances. As a product manager, your job would be to design and come up with the architecture for new financial structures and systems. You can utilize the geek inside you to invent new programs or computer systems and find new ways to use your technology.

Take facts and statistics for self-driving cars and turn them into an investment opportunity. Take cryptocurrency, and connect it in new ways to e-commerce sights. Find ways to be an adviser to a startup, and make it a big name financial guru. You can be in charge of growing companies and expanding new ideas in finance and beyond as a product manager.

Risk Management

When it comes to people’s money, no one wants to take big risks. You want to be sure your investments are going to grow and that your money is safe. Tech gurus can help with risk management for larger financial organizations. As the industry changes and moves to a more digital setting, you would be responsible for making sure everything was compliant with the new financial rule book. Your job would also be to mitigate risk factors, identify potential vulnerabilities, and help develop risk management solutions. The more prepared you can make your financial institution, the safer everyone in the general public will feel.

HR Specialists

For someone who feels connected to tech systems, human resources may not be your first thought when it comes to potential jobs. As financial institutions grow and expand, you need people to champion the culture and achievements being made. Your tech experience will make you a man on the inside that can help describe and communicate technological changes and developments to the whole team. Getting everyone on board will absolutely help you in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence

As someone who is interested in tech, are you also fascinated by the concept of robots and artificial intelligence? This up-and-coming field is infiltrating all areas of work and business, including the financial industry. Soon, you may be able to call and move around your money with only the help of AI systems. For someone involved in tech, this may be an exciting field to dip your feet into. You could be on the brink of completely automated banking systems and moving your money and investments around with the help of AI technology. AI is everywhere; it’s only a matter of time where it’s running finance as well.

You have so many skills thanks to your love of tech and your willingness to geek out over new developments. Find your path within finance, and you’re sure to have a successful, prosperous career.

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