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Paraquat is a chemical substance that is commonly used as an herbicide. This herbicide has been sold and used under different brand names since it was developed in 1961. Paraquat products have been most commonly used in commercial agriculture, and for decades, farmers and agricultural workers have had direct exposure to this dangerous chemical. In the past, the dangers of paraquat were unknown to the general public, and people had no idea that paraquat exposure could have serious health risks.

It’s since been found that there is a link between paraquat use and Parkinson’s disease. In recent years, the use of paraquat has been banned completely in over 30 countries. For many agricultural workers and rural residents who live near large farms, the long-term exposure to the dangerous chemical paraquat can’t be undone. There is no cure for Parkinson’s, and because people were unaware of the increased risk of Parkinson’s with paraquat use, many victims are now pursuing litigation against the manufacturers of paraquat. If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s and have been exposed to paraquat in the past, you may be eligible for financial compensation. The following are some tips for potential plaintiffs in the paraquat lawsuits.

How can I find legal representation?


Paraquat lawsuits are complex, and in order to receive the financial compensation you deserve, you need the right legal team on your side. In the United States, there have been several cases of multidistrict litigation filed against the makers of paraquat, and in order to get a paraquat settlement, you need experienced lawyers who will fight for your rights. The experienced lawyers at the Sibley Dolman Gipe law firm can help you build your case for a paraquat lawsuit and win. Their team of lawyers is dedicated to helping paraquat victims receive justice and financial compensation.

If you’ve developed Parkinson’s disease as a result of paraquat exposure, you want to be sure that the law firm you choose has experience working with multi-million dollar injury cases—Sibley Dolman Gipe is this law firm. Before entering a lawsuit, their team can go over your legal options with you in a free consultation, so you can determine if you have a case against the paraquat manufacturers. Sibley Dolman Gipe has received over $200 million in personal injury settlements for their clients, and this number is only growing.

What are the effects of paraquat exposure?


Paraquat poisoning can have a whole host of side effects, and the severity of your symptoms often depends on the type and length of exposure you’ve experienced. The high toxicity of paraquat has made it fatal in cases where it’s directly ingested. Long-term exposure to paraquat is usually through inhalation or skin contact. While agricultural workers are at greater risk for direct exposure, many residents who live near farms that use paraquat are also at risk for developing Parkinson’s disease. The risk of paraquat exposure isn’t just from direct ingestion, which is why so many people have reported developing Parkinson’s and other health conditions as a result of paraquat use.

Paraquat exposure can have many side effects, and the more direct and prolonged your exposure, the more severe your symptoms will likely be. Exposure to the toxic chemical can result in breathing problems, confusion, increased heart rate, kidney failure, and in cases of long-term exposure, Parkinson’s disease. There is no known antidote to paraquat, and because the toxic chemical can affect all of your major organs, it’s important that you take the highest precautions when using paraquat. Unfortunately, even with these precautions, you’re still at risk for exposure when you use paraquat products.

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