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After a car accident, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in bed—after all, you have insurance companies to deal with, work to catch up on, and a life to get back to living. For those severely injured in a crash, though, they might not have a choice but to remain under the covers. To recuperate properly, these patients may find themselves bedridden for days, weeks, or even longer, all while dealing with the pain, stress, and overall inconvenience that inevitably arises in the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents. At the same time, though, they need to focus on finding the right personal injury attorney, consulting an employer about work adjustments with such a short time frame, and making sure their mattress is up to the challenge of their healing, whether that’s an old-fashioned coil or a luxury firm memory foam with minimal motion transfer.

For severe accident victims, two scenarios regarding sleep are especially common. On the one hand, many of these patients find themselves facing fatigue as they’ve never experienced before, sinking into their mattress whenever they can. On the other, many accident victims face sleep disturbances like nightmares or insomnia in the crash’s aftermath, even if they’re using their Winkbed that normally lulls them to sleep in moments. Of course, there are a lucky few who return to a relatively normal sleep pattern, too, as well as those who end up with symptoms from both ends of this spectrum.

Tired or not, there are lots of ways you can make time spent bedridden a little more bearable. Most often, this will involve either relieving your symptoms or distracting yourself from them, like with the methods below. From purchasing a Winkbed mattress that will provide much-needed pressure relief or a PC game controller with the perfect analog stick, d-pad, and motion sensitivity, you can make your experience a bit better.

Make yourself comfortable.


When you first come home to your bed after a severe accident, your top priority (and that of your husband, wife, or anyone else caring for you) should be your comfort while recovering. That might be something as simple as moving some blankets or an extra foam-filled pillow or two into your bedroom, or you might decide to invest in a new mattress or bed frame altogether. Sleep will be a critical part of your recovery, even if you’re struggling with it right now, so a quality mattress, and sleep environment more generally, will be essential. Take some time to ensure you’re making the right choice for the type of sleeper you are and your preference for the time you’ll be spending in bed. Read Winkbed reviews and expert insights to find the best mattress for you, whether that’s memory foam meant for side sleepers or a firmer hybrid mattress with durability enough to last long after your injuries have healed. Those injuries will impact your choice, too; a broken hip will have different needs than a spine injury. Winkbed or otherwise, your mattress and bed frame will make a world of difference in your recovery.

Ease your symptoms.


Between the stress you’re feeling about the accident and the side effects of your serious injury, you’re probably stressed in addition to dealing with your physical symptoms. In addition to your formally recommended treatment options from a doctor, you can ask a medical professional whether certain less conventional methods can safely help promote healing and relaxation. Perhaps you’ll look into THC Delta 8, for instance, as a sort of middle ground between hemp, CBD, and Delta-9 THC. Without the psychoactive reactions of Delta-9 THC or the THC of marijuana in the simplest sense, Delta-8 THC offers a cannabinoid option that can help you unwind and feel better, despite your sleep position becoming a challenge. Better yet, Delta-8 THC comes in a variety of forms so you can choose which works best for you, whether that’s tinctures, gel, edibles such as gummies, or another form—just check with a medical professional before using THC, CBD, or similar products to manage any back pain or other discomfort.

Take care of business.


You’re probably not working while bedridden–in fact, you might not be able to work at all, unless you work from home normally or have that flexibility through your employer. However, there is some work you can do to distract yourself from the accident and any side effects your feeling and its aftermath. If you haven’t already, research a local personal injury attorney, such as a Denver personal injury lawyer if you’re under Colorado law, who’ll be best for your case. Many personal injury law firms will even offer a free consultation to help you know if they’re the right fit for your personal injury claim. With years of experience, your personal injury attorney will be able to ensure you get the fair compensation you deserve after a car accident or other personal injury, particularly when the other party’s negligence is to blame. If you do have an attorney already, reach out to them as needed to ensure that your personal injury case is proceeding as you’d like it to. Beyond a law firm, ensure that you’re keeping up to date with any paperwork or phone calls to the insurance company, and whatever other necessities you have on your to-do list.

Find something fun to pass the time.


Just because you can take care of certain responsibilities from bed doesn’t mean you have to be busy all the time. Instead, you can turn to something fun like video games. Invest in the best PC game controller for your favorite PC game, or look into getting a new handheld device if it’s easier to use from bed. Some controllers can even be used with a phone, tablet, or other devices as well as your favorite PC games! Video games are a great way to spend your bedridden time because you can lose yourself in the virtual world of the game

Set your future self up for success.


If you’re bedridden after your car accident, you probably aren’t feeling especially optimistic. Nevertheless, you can make moves towards a brighter future. For instance, you might go to Pacific Private Money (pacificprivatemoney.com) to look into investing options. By taking advantage of the available investment opportunities with Pacific Private Money, you can create a sort of nest egg for yourself and your family. You’ll be especially grateful for this effort if you receive compensation for damages beyond what’s needed to cover your medical bills—you’ll be ready to invest your extra money to set your family up for long-term financial success.

A car accident is never fun, but it’s especially unfortunate when it leads to a severe injury—and even more so if it keeps you bedridden. However, being stuck in bed doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can accomplish from bed—for instance, make time for fun activities such as video games to handle the logistics with your personal injury lawyer or insurance company. With a new Winkbed mattress, a remedy like Delta-8 THC, and plenty of time for relaxing, there are lots of ways to pass the time and distract yourself while bedridden after a car accident.

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