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College can be a challenging time for any young adult, but especially if you’re attending school in New York City. Here are six survival tips for NYC’s college students.

Figure Out Transportation

If you’re living in NYC for the first time, you’ll have to figure out how to get around. Your school might have college housing that’s close to where your classes will be or it might not. Either way, you’ll need to get around the city to have fun, see friends, and feed yourself. Don’t bring your car to school. You can take the subway or the bus to get around the city, and when the weather is nice (which is rare), you can rent a CitiBike to ride around. Check out each mode of transportation’s app or website, or just ask an employee for help when you get there if you’re really desperate. You’ll be a professional in no time.

Go To Therapy

College is a difficult time. You’re living on your own for probably the first time and experiencing a lot of pressure. Many students struggle with anxiety and depression, especially during their freshman year. Thankfully, there are excellent therapists in New York City who are ready to help. Attending individual or group therapy can help you handle the new emotions you’re experiencing and learn valuable skills. If you’re hoping to get through college, this will be a huge help for you, mentally and emotionally.

Get A Scholarship

The city is expensive and so is college. Help relieve a little stress by getting a scholarship to defray the costs. If you’re majoring or minoring in the arts, head to https://www.todaytix.com/insider/nyc/posts/education-student-scholarship. You could receive a thousand dollar scholarship to help pay for school. When you’re in college, any amount of money will help, so look for a scholarship to give yourself a leg up.

See The City For Cheap

Since you’re living in NYC, you should see the city, but college students don’t have a lot of funds to spare. There are cheap ways to see the sights, and you should take advantage of them while you’re there. You can check out Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge for free. The New York Public Library is a gorgeous place to visit and also provides an excellent spot to study for your finals. If you’re taking summer classes, you can head to Bryant Park to watch a movie. Many places in the city also offer student discounts, so take advantage of that while you can.

Find Some Friends

In college, you often find friends in class or a club. But in the city, you may need to also make friends elsewhere. Some New Yorkers claim you should just boldly ask others to be your friends. If that’s not your style, try to find new friends at the gym or another activity you like. Yoga studios tend to encourage friendliness or you could join a local running club and train for the New York City Marathon. NYC can seem like a cold place, but try to remind yourselves that everyone is just looking for connections at their core.

Feed Yourself Well

Food is very important, especially when you’re in college. You might be tempted to just eat ramen and ice cream, but try to remember that your food is your fuel. Without the best fuel, you won’t be able to learn or study. Food is expensive in the city, so try not to eat out for every meal. Head to a local grocery store or bodega and buy enough food for a few meals. If you know you’re not a great cook or don’t always have the willpower to make food, just pick up a few items and go back for more later if you need it. Also, make sure you’re eating enough fruits and veggies so you can stay healthy (a real feat in the city).

College in NYC can be exciting, scary, and overwhelming. Remember these survival tips and you’ll be a real New Yorker in no time.

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