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Moving to a new home can be an exciting time. No matter if your new location is across town or in a new city, it can be stressful to think about all that has to be done to relocate you and your family. To stay sane during your transition, there are a few tools and things to consider to make your move easier. In the time leading up to your move, when you have half-packed boxes all over your house and you can’t find anything, you’ll need some things to make life easier.

According to census data, nearly 31 million people moved to the United States in 2019. With about nine percent of the population moving each year, you’ll probably be making a move at some point. Let’s take a look at some tools to consider before your next move.

1. Realtor


If your move will require buying and selling or if you will need a lease for a rental, a quality realtor can be your best friend during this period. With over 5 million homes were sold in the US in 2019 and the market booming more than ever, you’ll need someone to help you navigate the move.

Moving from one house to another, whether it’s a local move or a move to a new city, can be a hassle. A real estate agent can help you on both sides of your move and even provide some useful relocation tips to help make the moving process easier. Do some research and find a great realtor to help you transition to your new place.

2. Truck


When you finally get all of your stuff packed up, you’ll need a way to haul it. If you haven’t hired professional movers from a moving company, you’ll need the help of as many of your friends with trucks as possible.

Since these options aren’t always possible, however, you might need alternate arrangements. Rental trucks can be a great way to move your stuff if you don’t have a truck. From pickup trucks to cargo vans, you can make a reservation and be on your way in no time.

3. Checklist


Moving can be so stressful and the last thing that you want is the chaos of unpacked boxes and unfinished tasks at the last minute. A well-thought-out checklist will not only make your move more peaceful but, will help you stay organized through the entire process. A checklist is a great way to stay organized and help with other logistics like arranging utilities, forwarding mail, and making arrangements for your move.

4. Storage Unit


If you need some time in between your moves, or you just need to make some room to get organized, you might consider a temporary storage unit. Storage facilities can offer various sizes of climate-controlled space to provide a perfect place for your possessions. Check out some of the rental options with various storage facilities to help you stay organized and ease your mind during your move. Whether temporary or long-term, your storage unit can help take some of the stress out of your move.

5. Boxes


Although it might seem like stating the obvious, you’ll need a lot of boxes. When you consider all of the household items from clothes to dishes to toiletries, there is a lot of stuff to pack up. During the packing process, you’ll discover that you have way more stuff than you could ever possibly use. This is why you’ll need more boxes than you think. Even if you think you have enough boxes, it probably isn’t enough!

6. Moving Supplies


Aside from boxes, there are some other things that you’ll need as well. For furniture pieces and items that you don’t want to be scratched, moving blankets or pads are necessary. You’ll be able to wrap your large fragile items in blankets to keep them safe during transit. Bubble wrap, packing tape, and scissors are all essential items as well. Together, these items will help keep your items safe and will help speed up the packing and unpacking process.

When you decide to move, the best thing to do is to gather all the things that you’ll need. From a good realtor to boxes and a truck, there are several things the will be essential for a successful move. Moving can be stressful but if you have the right tools, you can make it as easy as possible.

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