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Inventions and innovation have always been the cornerstone of business advancements. From using the abacus and paper money to laptops and digital currency, doing business has gotten more convenient with time. Technology has helped businesses increase production, employee management, and customer experience. Even if you have years of experience with successful business practices, you can adapt the latest inventions to improve efficiency.

These inventions have not only made business more manageable. They’ve also increased the capacity for better business operations. Small companies that only had local reach can now operate on a global scale. Companies that cannot afford to set up brick-and-mortar offices can use online workspaces and remote employees. Everything from sales and customer experience to the transport and production of goods has improved. Read on to learn about a few of the most helpful inventions.

1. Elevator Conveyors

Manual pulleys, heavy loading equipment, and a teams of laborers usually transported bulk material used in business production services. However, this was often a slow and laborious process for everyone involved. With conveyor belts and elevator conveyors, this process became quicker and more convenient. Further innovation brought the bucket elevator conveyor into the mix with more advantages.

Now companies can transport bulk material at a faster rate than before. There are also more options for companies to ensure they get the bucket size that best suits their transport material. The durable bucket conveyor is also build to prevent spillage while ensuring gentle handling of everything from dry material to chemical goods.

2. Call-Center Services

Your consumers need to have good personal customer experience when they interact with your business. While customer service was once only possible in-person, innovations have helped expand the reach. Enterprise companies offer third-party customer service options, and contact centers have improved the customer service marketplace quite a bit.

However, one of the best innovations for customer experience has been cloud contact center software. It has replaced costly professional services and provided omnichannel contact center software options. A cloud contact center solution like Bright Pattern offers CRM data to customize customer experiences. It also helps your salesforce with better tools for more efficient customer interaction.

3. Cloud Storage

Storing sensitive data on a variety of discs and drives is a thing of the past. With the innovation of cloud storage, companies have better and more secure storage options. Since its also more convenient, your entire company can access information from anywhere in the world. With the benefit of security features, there’s also a lower risk of issues like data theft and security breaches from competitors.

4. Inventory Control

Where would your business be without inventory control? From the barcode to warehouse inventory management software, this has helped improve efficiency. Inventions like radio-frequency identification help your company track everything from inventory to equipment. It organizes your warehouse and reduces the burden on employees to make manual notes of every item in stock. It can make processing and shipping times faster, which in turn will improve customer experience. It also provides an easier way to track and record all your inventory, streamlining your entire business process.

5. Video Conferencing

The internet has existed for a while, but slower speeds and low functionality meant businesses could not use it for everything. With all the recent innovation, remote work has taken over the business world. One of the innovations that has made this process easier and faster was the launch of video conferencing.

Many applications offer tools for business users to communicate across the world. Vendors have access to business owners, and management has better control over salesforce. Not to mention that, with team meeting options, you can take your entire office online. It helps eliminate the overheads of renting office space.

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