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Podcasts have gone from niche to one of the most popular forms of digital entertainment. You can find programs focused on everything from sports to fashion to historical mysteries. No matter what type of podcast you want to host, the reality is that there’s a lot of competition within the podcasting space right now. It can be difficult to find ways to stand out and attract an audience, even if you’re producing interesting and informative content. If you’re considering a foray into the podcasting world, read on for three useful tips that can help you create a viral podcast.

1. Invest in quality equipment.


Though it may not directly cause your podcast to go viral, prioritizing the quality of your equipment will make a huge difference in your ability to build a following. The type of podcast microphone you use can have a significant effect on the overall sound quality of your broadcast and the clarity of your audio feed. This is a big deal with podcasts specifically, as being able to understand what a host is saying is absolutely integral to the experience. The best podcast microphones will also be able to filter out background noise, which can be a significant issue for many podcasters. You’ll also need a mixer, recording software, and noise-canceling headphones. You can also look into purchasing a webcam if you intend to post video content.

2. Choose newsworthy topics to discuss.


What topics you cover will play a major role in how many people are interested in listening to your content. People want to know more about stories that are trending and personalities that are in the news. Even if your podcast doesn’t focus on breaking news, you can find creative ways to incorporate the things people are talking about in the real world into your podcast’s content. Make sure you’re smart about what keywords you use in your episode titles and descriptions so you can ensure your show is one of the results when people search for certain topics online.

If you host a podcast based on world history, you can attract listeners who are concerned about the pandemic by discussing previous global health emergencies. Music shows can record episodes looking back on the careers of artists who have recently retired or passed away. People love to learn about the context behind real-life events and find out details they weren’t aware of about their favorite celebrities.

3. Bring on unique and interesting guests.


One of the most effective ways to grow your audience and go viral online is to collaborate with other interesting and popular personalities. That doesn’t mean you should always invite the most controversial or well-known people on your show, as alienating your audience is a bad way to achieve sustained success, but you should keep up with the news and reach out to anyone who is relevant to the subject of your podcast. For example, if your podcast is about true crime, you may want to talk to creators of recent documentaries or journalists who have managed to solve cold cases. You can also look for opportunities to co-host with other popular podcasters, which is a great way for both participants to reach a different demographic.

The rise of the podcasting industry has been swift, and some of the most popular programs have millions of listeners. Some podcast hosts can make a substantial amount of money, but it can be difficult to gain enough attention to compete with programs that already have an established listener base. You should start by investing in equipment that will allow you to improve the production value of your show. Once you have the tools you need, it’ll be up to you to use your imagination to cover stories that people want to read about and collaborate with people who bring in a new audience. It isn’t easy to create a viral podcast, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to increase your odds of success.

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