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The tools behind the success of CSS-Tricks and CodePen [Free Video Friday]

More and more is expected from today's web designers. Visual design is just one part of the job. Those designs also need to build interactions. The designs need to work across loads of devices of varying shapes and sizes. They need to be load fast on any internet connection. They need to easy to use as well as accessible. As a designer, you need to be able to communicate and share code across a team. You need to be familiar with lots of differnet technologies. Don't panic! This is all fun stuff. There are loads of amazing tools these days to help things along. In this video from Future of Web Design NYC 2012, Chris Coyier will go through the lineup of all these tools, discuss what does what, and give you a bird's eye view of the entire workflow.

Chris runs the web design blog and community site CSS-Tricks and is also responsible for the awesome CodePen. He co-authored the book and blog Digging Into WordPress. He likes banjos, artichokes, and serial sci-fi television shows.

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