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The Retina "war" rages, advice for Marissa Mayer, and where Paul Boag finds inspiration [Daily Incite]

The Daily Incite is our (somwhat) daily roundup of interesting links. It would never give you up, let you down, or Rickroll you.  

For everyone: 

  • Fire anyone with "architect" or "program manager" in their title, and other unsolicited advice for Marissa Mayer [Sriram Krishnan]
  • Tweetdeck gets updated navigation. Will I switch Twitter clients for the 90th time in four years? [Twitter Blog]

For designers: 

  • The Retina wars are upon us. How long before Apple forces us all off 1x? [wells]
  • Speaking of Retina, Maykel Loomans has advice for using CSS Sprites to optimize for Retina displays [ML]
  • An art director Apple-fies some non-Apple ads [Design Taxi]
  • Where does Paul Boag find inspiration? [Boagworld]

For developers:

  • How Heroku uses buildpacks to run apps from multiple frameworks on one universal runtime [Heroku]
  • How Twist uses location services to tell (or warn) your friends when you've arrived [The Verge]

For entrepreneurs:

  • Why founders should focus more on business and less on fundraising [VentureFizz]

Just because:

I love this "undulating escalator cover" in Vitoria, Spain:

via The Fox is Black

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