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The developer's case for SkyDrive

To many consumers, Microsoft's SkyDrive is just the latest free-to-premium cloud storage option out there (actually second-latest, since it launched for real before Google Drive back in April). Dropbox was the early leader in the market, and Google's natural tie-ins with email and Google docs give it a unique advantage. 

So why use SkyDrive instead? At Future Insights Live, I caught up with SkyDrive product manager Harrison Hoffman to talk about what sets SkyDrive apart. The ability to edit and sync Microsoft Office files in a web browser from anywhere on earth (if you don't have your desktop app handy) is one key feature. You can also fetch files remotely, even if you forgot to upload them to SkyDrive. 

Harrison also talked about why SkyDrive wants the developer community to get excited about SkyDrive and how they can contribute via GitHub and other places. 

For a pretty thorough run-through of the features of SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive, check out this piece by Ed Bott

Here's a little bonus while we're on the subject: Dare Obasanjo of Microsoft on integrating SkyDrive into your mobile apps...

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