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The Daily Incite: Instagram API, Touchable Logos, LR 4, Quick Twitter Plugins, and granular convection

Yesterday a Facebook friend asked why the raisins in a box of raisin bran don't fall to the bottom of the box. Considering they're far heavier than the flakes, it would only seem natural that this would happen. Turns out this is a much-studied area of physics, and the phenomemon in question is called granular convection. Sometimes called "the Brazil nut effect," granular convection described why larger and heavier objects rise to the top of smaller objects when their containers are shaken randomly

"When shaken, the particles move in vibration-induced convection flow: individual particles move up through the middle, across the surface, and down the sides. If a large particle is involved, it will be moved up to the top by convection flow. Once at the top, the large particle will stay there because the convection currents are too narrow to sweep it down along the wall."

This has nothing to do with web or mobile design or development. It's just cool. 

Here are today's links:

Paul Boag wants you to stop obsessing over native mobile apps [boagworld]

Why you shouldn't de-index old pages to conform to Google's new search rules [SEOmoz]

Here's a cool interactive logo for multi-touch devices [LogoDesignLove]

Adobe Lightroom 4 is a good option to avoid "creative overload" [Web Designer Depot]

How to build super-quick plug-ins with Twitter Anywhere [Net Tuts +

Hipstamatic and Instagram team up to inundate you with even more photos of food and hipsters [parislemon]

Dribbble spotlight: Eddie Lobanovskiy's logo for 360 Studios is like warm butter on an English muffin (because it's good). [Dribbble]

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