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How to Destroy the Web! 

Thank Crunchie it's Friday! To celebrate the impending weekend, we thought you might like a free video from one our keynotes, Bruce Lawson

Bruce is an open standards evangelist at Opera and was a member of the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group at the W3C. As a keynote speaker at the Future of Web Apps / Mobile in 2012, Bruce delivered his session "How to Destroy the Web" to rave reviews. Enjoy!


Bruce will also be speaking at this year's Future of Web Apps in London next week, with his fabulously titled session "Bringing Bling: Future CSS for more Delighterification". We can't wait! 



The Importance of Building Teams Better Than You

The 7th Future of Web Apps, London is just a few weeks away so we thought we'd take the opportunity to chat with some of our speakers and give you an insight into their working life, how they got to where they are today and what exactly they'll be talking about!

This week, we chatted with Phil Hawksworth, a JavaScript developer who has been developing web applications since the late 90s. Phil is Technical Director at R/GA in London, working for clients like Nike, O2 and Getty Images, where he focuses on technical architectures and wrangling developers and designers. We discussed the importance of building a team better than you as well as why CMS isn't really a sexy topic but is something you will learn to love....

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Prototype Better Cities with Smart Citizens

The Future of Web Apps London event is 2 months away and we are close to finalising and announcing our final sessions. This week, we're happy to announce that Priya Prakash will be joining us on our biz track with her session 'How to Prototype Better Cities with Smart Citizens'.

Priya is founder of Design for Social Change (D4SC) a social impact business marrying realtime citizen data with grassroots action to affect change in neighbourhoods through Changify, its mobile crowdfunding platform. Changify brings together brands, neighbours and councils in a win/win way informing brand reputation, customer loyalty and boosting local economies in communities.

Priya's session will focus on current smart city & internet of things trends analysing the pros and cons of large-scale infrastructural rollouts. She will take a case-study approach on how best to prototype better cities using low-cost technology and mobile devices by harnessing neighbourhood loyalty, crowdsourcing, solving and funding people created solutions to make a better community. 

If you'd like to see Priya in action you can pick up your pass at the FOWA website.



Future of Web Apps is Live - Grab your Early Bird!

As we announced yesterday, Future of Web Apps London 2013 has returned and will be returning to the Brewery on Oct 23 - 25, bringing you some of the most creative and exciting minds working in the web today. 

You can now pick up your Early Bird tickets (saving you £200). And if you're a member of Future Insights you can save a further 15% off the Workshop/Conference Pass and Conference Pass Early Bird price. All you have to do is sign up here - it's totally free. 

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I Owe My Soul to the Company Store

Imagine a world in which the make of car you drove determined which store you could drive to. You can only drive to one store, and you can only buy things from that store. To get things from a different store, you'd have to buy a new car or wait until a version was available in your store. So you hop in your Honda and head to the Honda store to buy bananas, a new sweater, and a new set of golf clubs for your dad.

The bananas are great, but the only sweater is mauve and your dad drives a Toyota, so he can't use those golf clubs. He needs Toyota-enabled golf clubs.

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The 5 Principles of Adaptive Design, Public Speaking, and the Importance of Meetups

Future Insights Live, Vegas is only 2 months away (where has the time gone?) And in the run up to the event we are continuing to chat with our speakers, bringing you a bit of insight into who they are, what they do and what you can expect from their session. 

This week, we are lucky enough to hear from Brad Frost. Brad is a mobile web strategist and front-end designer and is located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He is the creator of This Is Responsive, a collection of patterns, resources and news to help people create great responsive web experiences. He also created Mobile Web Best Practices, a resource site that lays out considerations for creating great mobile web experiences. He runs a responsive web design newsletter and also curates WTF Mobile Web, a site that teaches by example what not to do when working with the mobile web. He is passionate about mobile and is constantly tweeting and writing about it.

With such a busy schedule, we appreciate Brad taking the time out to chat. Read the interview after the jump.

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Dave Shea: Closing Keynote at Future Insights Live

We are very happy to announce that Dave Shea will be our closing keynote at Future Insights Live, Vegas 2013. Not only that but Dave will also be presenting a second session on our Mobile track. Welcome to the show Dave!

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CSS Selectors, Mobile Myths and Android Images

With the re-launch of the Future Insights Live site well and truly under way, we are continuing to confirm top-rate speakers and content. Whether you're a designer, developer or entrepreneur - there really is something for everyone.

I am happy to announce that we have 3 new speakers joining us on our Mobile and Front-end Dev Tracks. Please say a big hello and welcome to:

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Android leads rise in mobile ads

Android devices now account for more mobile advertising impressions than any other type of device, according to a new report from Opera Software. While iOS devices still own almost 42% of the revenues associated with mobile advertising, Android's strong growth throughout 2012 make it the top mobile OS for advertising impressions. 

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Introducing our brand new Advisory Panel for 2013

As Conference Producers at Future Insights we want to continue to produce top rate shows that you, the audience, want to attend. Conferences that deliver inspiring speakers, presenting future focused sessions with topics you can take away and implement into your own projects. That is why we will be doing more this year and in the future to produce awesome content, as well as give you that all important value for money. 

One of the ways we're tackling this is by appointing our brand new Advisory Panel. We've partnered up with some of the web industry's leading professionals. Speakers and creatives who will help us make our events the best they can be. We will be working together over the coming months to form cutting-edge topics across all of our events in 2013 and beyond, starting with Future Insights Live, Vegas! We are pleased to welcome;

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