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Hey Rising Star, Prague is calling you 

Conference after conference and year after year, we're committed to bringing the best speakers in the industry to our shows. At the same time, we're equally committed to presenting the industry's Rising Stars. What's a Rising Star, you ask? He or she is someone who may not have the same level of experience and exposure as your everyday A-list speaker, but, regardless of name equity, we promise our Rising Stars are every bit as passionate, know what they're talking about, and will be able to teach you a thing or two.

At this year's Future of Web Apps // Future of Web Design shows in Prague, we have a few speaking slots we're looking to fill with Rising Stars. It’s not a paid gig (this is why we generally encourage locals with low overheads to get involved) but you’ll get free access to the rest of the show and our always-fabulous Speaker Dinner. We’ll also make sure you get some great promotion and exposure. In fact, some of our Rising Stars are now regular speakers at both ours and other events in the tech space.

If any of the above catch your eye, fill out our Call for Speakers form or just shoot Cat an email and she'll be in touch. We really look forward to hearing from all of you! Best of luck!

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