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Google's Addy Osmani on the future of developer tools

Speaker Spotlight
Addy Osmani was sent here from the future to save you time and make you look good. Osmani, a developer programs engineer on Google's Chrome team, is busy working on the next generation of tools and frameworks to help developers spend less time organizing and more time doing.


"If you have an idea, you shouldn't have to be worried about a boilerplate of any kind," says Osmani, who will be the opening keynote at the combined Future of Web Apps / Future of Mobile conference in Prague this November. 

Osmani's focus is to give web developers and designers a "kick-ass utility belt" to reduce the time and effort between an idea and a working app. While many developers have adopted popular tools like SASS and CoffeeScript, in most cases those tools aren't optimized for workflow and require too much setup. 

The Chrome team recently launched Yeoman, a set of tools, libraries and workflow to allow developers to get web apps up and running more quickly by automating many time-consuming processes. For example, once a developer initializes it to create a new app, Yeoman asks if the developer plans to use Twitter Bootstrap for Compass, RequireJS, and a handful of other technologies. Yeoman then automatically fetches those dependencies and scaffolds the new app accordingly. Other features such as Live Reload (no refreshing your browser after changes) are also designed to boost your coding performance. 

But Osmani won't just be talking about Yeoman. He is also focused on helping developers "future proof" their applications by applying technologies that allow JavaScript and web app developers to use syntax from the next generation of JavaScript ( before it is available in all browsers. "In a year those people will be more up to date and more capable of writing future code," he says.

Name: Addy Osmani
Title: Developer Programs Engineer
Company: Google
Talk Title: The New Wave Utility Belt
Where: The Future of Web Apps / Future of Web Design, Prague
When: November 27-29, 2012

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