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Daily Incite: The ghost in the machine has paws

The Daily Incite is a round-up of interesting stuff from the web. It's not particularly daily. 

Our ability to use machines to process process ever-expanding quantities of data promises advances in medicine, physics, and technology. But first we're going to teach computers how to spot cats in YouTube videos. Nice going, Google

The links:

Pheast looks like a slick app for sharing recipes. [BetaList]

Allen Institute to host "hackathon for the human brain" [Slashdot]

Brightcove going all-in on Apple TV [TUAW]

The book that disappears while you read it [Design Taxi]

An uplifting speech for art school graduates [WebDesigner Depot]

Microsoft is going to have to get mean again [RWW]

Nicely done infographic of social landmarks [Design Taxi]

Edward Boatman of the Noun Project to host iconathon to support the LA River [The Noun Project]

W3C releases its first draft of a Web Intents standard [W3C]

Love this Dribbble shot from DKNG Studios [Dribbble]


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