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Daily Incite: So what is the difference between UI and UX?

The Daily Incite is our round-up of interesting links. It's not particularly "daily" but it is always interesting. 

A Chicago engineer named Dain Miller has a long-ish piece at webdesigner depot on the difference between UI and UX, both in the "real" world and on the web. The overarching takeaway is summed up in this sentence:

Defined very simply a User Interface design is the part of the product that faces the user when he looks at the site, and the User Experience is how they feel when they look at the site, aka the broad scope.

He cites Future Insights favorite Aarron Walter's work at MailChimp as a prime example of UX evoking an emotional response via the use of UI tools. However, the world of UX encompasses more than just slick features and well-done buttons. Everything about a site -- content, sound design, information architecture, etc. -- contributes to the feeling of joy (or lack thereof) that defines UX. 

Why is this distinction important? Well, for one thing it affects how you should respond to job listings. Designers often have difficulty defining themselves and their work, so it's important to pay attention to the line between UI and UX when hiring (or when job searching). A UX designer is responsible for more than just delivering clever gradients or other UI elements, so he or she should have a clear understanding of the role. 

Future Insights founder Ryan Carson ruffled some feathers a few years back with a post calling UX designer a "bullshit" job title -- saying all good web design should be UX-driven anyway. I'm curious where the line gets drawn these days. Is it only the big jobs that require a separate UX function? 

Anyway, here's what you may have missed elsewhere:

  • A new API from Pipl that can pull "creepy" amounts of personal information into your next app [RWW]
  • Funny analysis of Lisbeth Salander's hacking abilities in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [Oracle WTF]
  • Need to edit code on iPad? Here's a comparison of Diet Coda v. Gusto v. Textastic [The iPad Addict]
  • The latest Android OS only has 7.1% penetration after 7 months. Ooof. [Paris Lemon]
  • The iOS calculator is also a scientific calculator. Did you know that? Yeah? NERD! [Macworld]
  • Old people are better at picking strong passwords. Because "butterscotch" has a lot of letters? [TechDirt]
  • Jumpin Jeebus these rebus logos from LogoDesignLove are cool [LogoDesignLove]
  • Brain Pickings shows off some cool old presidential campaign art. My favorite is below [Brain Pickings]

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