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Daily Incite: Simple banking, code timeline, web intents, and a laptop for devs?

During Aarron Walter's keynote address at Future Insights Live last week (I promise I'll stop mentioning it at some point) he cited a new banking alternative called Simple as an example of building momentum with voice. The idea behind Simple, Walter says, is that big banks like Bank of America have almost entirely lost their appeal to basic customers. Simple -- which just released an iPhone app -- is propelled by a straightforward idea: "we're building the banking experience we want as customers." 

The company's blog is a case study in voice done right. It's accessible and friendly, but professional enough to be taken seriously (this is a bank we're talking about). It's new iPhone app eschews the "username/password" paradigm in favor of four-digit PIN. All in all it's a good resource for designers, developers and product managers to see how a startup's voice can drive business. 

The links:

And so it begins. Safari starts disabling older versions of Flash [The Verge]

Ever wanted to see your GitHub events in a timeline? [Wired]

Windows Phone is growing, but might lose developers developers developers developers thanks to some coming updates [Paul Thurrott]

Web Intents could knit the entire internet just a bit closer together [Wired]

If you can read the itty-bitty print, Steve O'Grady has an interesting look at a new "developer laptop" from Dell [RedMonk]

Build a faster test suite with build_stubbed [Thoughtbot]

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