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Daily Incite: Google IO and the promise of App Engine

Tomorrow marks the start of Google I/O, and while most of the attention will be focused on new gadgets and 3D maps, I'm looking forward to hearing about the cloud platform. According to ReadWriteWeb, Google is preparing some major announcements in that area.

The second category is cloud services. Google has an offering called App Engine that, like Amazon Web Services, lets developers host Web apps on Google's servers. It has been an experiment for a while, but now it allows for service-level agreements, so real businesses can be built on it. Google wants to launch a full-fledged competitor with Amazon's offering, and there will be major news on that front at I/O.

We were lucky to have Peter Magnusson, who runs Google's cloud platform products, speak at Future Insights Live in April, and he and I got a chance to talk about App Engine and other products. It seems like a slam-dunk that Google could dominate the hosted apps space -- with its nearly unmatched cloud pedigree and sizable developer following -- but listening to Magnusson it was clear Google had a long way to go before its app platform could deliver everything it should. I'm really looking forward to seeing how their updated products compare to the field.

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