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Daily Incite: Flash in the can

Apple's refusal to support Flash on the iPhone and iPad started off as a major annoyance for iOS users who, for a few years, couldn't access a majority of videos they encountered online. Now, thanks to HTML5 and other technologies, it is possible to serve videos on the web that will recognize a device and play through a supported file format. This has led not only to an upgrade in usability for Apple aficionados, but also to speculation about the demise of Flash itself. 

Never again?

On, Matthew Humphries takes a peek at Mozilla's project Shumway, which uses JavaScript to create a "Flash virtual machine," that can efficiently read and render Flash videos and run it in an HTML5-compliant browser. Flash developers should be happy about this, says Humphries, because users will still be able to access Flash videos without downloading the appropriate plugin.

There’s very little detail beyond a collection of files hosted on GitHub, but development seems to be progressing. Eventually it may end up forming part of Firefox, in which case Mozilla will be able to claim Flash compatibility as standard without any collaboration necessary with Adobe. 

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