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Daily Incite: Facebook Gets Stalky

Mobile apps that track your geographic proximity to your friends (or friends of friends) are all the rage these days. Highlight was the most buzzed-about app at SXSW, though Sonar, Banjo, and Pinwheel are all on the radar. Of course there have been niche players in the location-awareness (stalker) market for years -- Grindr comes to mind.

Facebook recently announced its foray into the "stalker" game with the Find Friends Nearby app. Users can tap the app to see which of their logged-in friends are in the vicinity. The social utility of this is obvious -- you can find people to hang out with at a ball game or see which of your friends are joining you at the awesome "Future of..." conference (PLUG WHOOP WHOOP).

The path is clear for Facebook to dominate this market. For as much buzz as Highlight received for doing this one thing, Facebook should be able to leverage its massive pool of existing users to squash any and all competition in the social radar space. Of course the app is still being developed, so we'll have to wait for a finished product before the dust settles for good.

UPDATE: Looks like Facebook has pulled the app. Back to the old way of stalking, I guess.

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