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Daily Incite: Evernote gets hand writing, Facebook likes and free speech, and why your jQuery plug-ins suck

Notes and tasks are hot right now. At Future Insights Live 2012, Tracky took home the top prize for web apps in our App it Out contest. Founder David Gosse bills Tracky as an app for "organizing your life" via shared tasks and notes. Our judges (including Ryan Carson, Jason Calacanis, and Jason Nazar) all agreed that there is a large market for the first app to successfully make it easier for groups and individuals to create and share activities quickly and easily. 

Today, Evernote took another step in this direction by acquiring Penultimate, an iPad app that allows users to jot down handwritten notes, doodles, or images on a variety of types of paper. Eventually, Penultimate will be available on other tablet and phone devices. While Penultimate will remain a stand-alone app for the near future, it's clear Evernote is eyeballing the possibilities of letting users create and share as quickly as possible. 

The links:

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