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Claire Chandler on the Future of HTML5 


We continue our celebration of all things web design with a sneak peek at one of our rising stars presenting at the Future of Web Design, New York conference in a few weeks. Claire Chandler is a designer and developer who runs Claire Eye Design from her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. We caught up with Claire to get a look into her upcoming talk "HTML5: What's New, What's Next?"

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up in your current role.

My background is in communications and graphic design. After working in the industry for a year or two, I noticed the endless need for web focused designers. The more I learned, the more I realized the web was filled with a lot of really bad design. That was roughly 10 years ago and I have since been passionately creating clean, simple and user-friendly websites.

What can we expect to learn about the future of HTML5?

There will be quick and easy tips on how to get started (if you have not done so already), tricks and demos on how to create some of the cool new features available, what is to be expected with browser support, ways to integrate with CSS3 and what we can plan to see as the future unfolds with the technology.

What are the most exciting things you're looking forward to in the next generation of HTML?

The many new options for interaction without using plugins or heavyweight programming are most exciting. These elements will make my life, as well as that of other web designers, much easier. I look forward to the future possibility of not getting errors related to the need for external application installation.

As a "rising star," how are you feeling about taking the stage at FOWD NY?

Excited to share what the future holds for HTML5 and hope to have attendees leaving the session with a newly inspired interest in what the technology can do for their own websites.

Are there any other speakers at FOWD New York you're excited to see?

Chris Coyier and Karen McGrane are both on my list, however I hope to squeeze in as many sessions as possible! 

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