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Bruce Lawson on how to destroy the web 

Speaker Spotlight
As the closing keynote speaker at the Future of Web Apps / Future of Mobile conference, Bruce Lawson is charged with delivering a final thought that will resonate as our attendees make their way back to their homes and offices. How better to do that than to deliver a primer on "How to Destroy the Web" as Bruce plans to do? We caught up with Bruce, an open standards evangelist at Opera, to talk briefly about what he plans to deliver. 


FI: What is your background and how did you find yourself at Opera?

I'm an English and Drama graduate, so am interested in communication. I've lived and travelled in Asia. I'm interested in the Web because it's democratising communication. Opera cares enough to make browsers for people in the developing world who otherwise couldn't get online - that's why I work here.

FI: Your talk is called "How to Destroy the Web." What are the biggest threats to the web right now?

The biggest threats are those who think that only rich people with the latest expensive hardware deserve the web, and don't test on devices that most people use -- or worse, actively lock them out.

FI: What are one or two things you hope the audience does IMMEDIATELY after seeing your talk?

Applaud, and perhaps ask me if I'd like a beer.

FI: Are there any other speakers you're keen on seeing? Why?

James Bloom's talk "Progressive Enhancement for Mobile Web Performance," so mobile sites are inclusive, as mobile is often how the least affluent people access the web. Zeldman, as I haven't seen him for ages. Rachel Andrew, as she's a mate and "Pushing The Boundaries Without Breaking The Web" is a good antithesis to lots of the breathless "zOMG HTML5!!!!!!!" nonsense that gets the headlines.

Name: Bruce Lawson
Title: Open web evangelist, Opera
Talk Title: How to Destroy the Web
Where: Future of Mobile / Future of Web Apps London
When: October 15-17, 2012  

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