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Available slides from Future Insights Live 2012

We get a lot of requests for speakers' slides after each event, and while it's not always possible for us to collect them all, we do appreciate speakers who post their slides to Lanyrd or Slideshare or another public service. 

We've dug around a bit for slides from Future Insights Live 2012 and linked to them here. We'll keep updating this list whenever new ones are available. If you know of any that aren't on this list, please let us know in the comments. 

Aarron Walter: Interface Design Bootcamp

Adam Wiggins: Hackability: The Future of Programming in a Post-PC World

Ben "Cowboy" Alman: jQuery Plugin Authoring Best Practices

Ben Coe: Everything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Chris Eppstein: Help! My Stylesheets are a Mess!

Dave Desandro: Touchy Feely Development

Elmer Thomas: Cloud-based Infrastructure for Massive Scale Without Massive Cost

George Ortiz: Using Your Data to Find a Better Web

Glan Thomas: Building Highly Optimized Mobile Web Apps

Jacob Kaplan-Moss: Django: The Web Framework for Perfectionists with Deadlines

Jason Nazar: Bootstrapping Your Business

Laura Kalbag: Markup for Mobile

Laura Kalbag: In Search of What Makes the Ideal Web Font

RJ Owen and Michael Salamon: Design Essentials for Developers

Sara Cannon: Responsive Design

Steve Fisher: A Responsive Design Process

Yavor Georgiev: Writing Node.js Apps for Windows Azure

Zach Holman: How GitHub Works (PDF)


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