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Announcing Hands-on Labs at Future Insights Live

That's right folks, not only will Future Insights Live bring you tracks covering front-end & back-end dev, design, mobile and biz - we're now happy to announce that we confirmed our brand new Hands-on Labs!

These 45-minute sessions will be running throughout the conference alongside our tracks and are designed to introduce new and exciting technologies to you, the attendee. These workshop style sessions will offer tips you can take away and apply to your work. If you are attending - remember you have to bring your own laptop.

Building with Bootstrap (Mark Otto, Bootstrap)

Learn first hand how to build stunning, functional, and unique sites with Bootstrap, directly from the framework’s co-creator. Building on the Web has steadily evolved over the years and frameworks like Bootstrap are becoming more prevalent. This intermediate-level workshop will provide a broad overview of Bootstrap, it’s components and plugins, and tips on how best to customize it for your own projects.

What you’ll learn

- Key insights into building design systems like Bootstrap

- How to use the Bootstrap grid, components, and JavaScript plugins

- Best practices for building on top of Bootstrap as a dependency

- Methods for customizing the Bootstrap core for practical use in production sites.

From Desktop to Mobile: One Small Step for You, One Giant Leap for Your Website (Ishan Anand, Moovweb)

Imagine you could you could walk into your boss’s office or a client pitch session and show them a fully functional mobile or tablet version of their own existing desktop site. In this interactive workshop, you'll follow along as we take an existing desktop site and walk you through the processes of mobilizing the site simply by changing the HTML, CSS, JavaScript of the site using the Moovweb SDK. 

What You’ll Learn:

- Why your existing desktop site should be your path to going mobile

- An emerging paradigm for managing desktop, mobile, and tablet web users from the same codebase.

- Walk into your next client pitch session with a working mobile site instead of mockups.

Winning the mobile app game through stronger customer relationships (Cezary Pietrzak and Bill Magnuson, Appboy)

Building a successful mobile app business has never been more difficult. As retention rates fall and investors cool their excitement about the category, it’s imperative to rethink how value is created in the ecosystem. This workshop will focus on the foundation of every mobile app business: developing lasting relationships with your customers. In the first half, we’ll explain why customer engagement is so important and how it fits into the big picture, bringing our perspective to life with the latest industry stats and examples of successful apps. In the second half, we’ll lead a hands-on session to help you craft your own mobile app strategy, from defining business goals and creating distinct customer segments to activating a multi-channel marketing strategy. You’ll learn both the conceptual and practical sides of the business and walk away with concrete plan to engage, retain and monetize your mobile app audience.

What You’ll Learn

- The state of the mobile app industry and shifting metrics of success

- Why customer engagement is important and how it fits into the big picture

- How to create a compelling engagement strategy and driver higher ROI

- Best practices for customer segmentation and messaging 

Connecting your web app to SkyDrive with JavaScript (Willy Huang, SkyDrive)

Take a look at how you can save, open, share, and search files in the cloud by building in SkyDrive support. If your web app works with users’ files, this one’s for you!


What You'll Learn:

- An overview of SkyDrive API and SDKs

- Using the SkyDrive Web Picker to upload and download files

- Getting fancier: sharing and searching files

Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5' For you HTML5 enthusiasts! (Michael Palermo, Microsoft)

This session demonstrates how to leverage your current skills with the latest web technologies to build client-side apps for the new Windows Store.

Attendees are required to have Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 installed [download here].


What You'll Learn:

- An overview of Windows 8 and the Windows Store

- How to create a simple app with HTML5 markup

- How to style an app with CSS3


Check out what else you can enjoy at the show, pick up your pass and join us!

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