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Announcing 2 new **Rising Stars**

We're happy to announce 2 more speakers to our Rising Star's stage at the Future of Web Apps London. Here we give a platform to new speakers, who may not be "big names" on the circuit yet, but who are totally passionate about what they do, and who we feel deserve a chance to shout it from the rooftops. 

Dan Donald

After a years working at agencies and as a freelancer, Dan is now part of the BBC Sport web team.  Enjoys prototyping, experimenting and loud rock.  He's contributed to .Net magazine and rants from time to time at events and over at about different ways to think about the web and what we do as creators for it.

Dan will be joining us on the Biz Track to discuss "Reactive Web Design: Designing with context"

Evan Nagle

Evan Nagle is the lead product manager over at Tracky was named winner of FOWA's App It Out contest at Future Insights Live in Vegas. He is also the cofounder of Mentalpez, a startup boutique operating out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He has a master of fine arts in poetry, a background as a technical consultant for Microsoft and, and, over the course of the last six months, he's worked diligently with the Tracky team to build the best social collaboration platform this side of the Web 2.0 river.

Evan will be speaking on the FOWA Track about "Compositional C#: How to Make C# Look and Act (Kind Of) Like JavaScript"

Head to our speaker page to see who these guys will be joining on stage and book yourself a seat today. 

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