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Andrew Appleton: The Modern JavaScript Application

Speaker Spotlight
Andrew Appleton is a web developer at Mint Digital in London. At the Future of Web Apps / Future of Mobile conference, he'll share ways to code more efficiently with Backbone and other tools. We caught up with him last week to get a sneak peek at what attendees should look forward to learning from his talk.


What is your background, and how did you find yourself at Mint?

I actually started work after university as a Mechanical engineer and worked building data centres for four years. I'd always been interested in the web and did a little freelance work on the side. Eventually I decided it was time to quit the job I hated and get a job I'd love so I interviewed at Mint and haven't looked back!

Your talk is on the "modern JavaScript application." What does that refer to?

There are loads of great MV* style JavaScript frameworks which make developing a complex application much easier than it was in the past. I'll be talking about project structure and tools which can help to keep a complex app manageable. I'll do it through the lens of a Backbone app but the lessons will be applicable to most JS frameworks.

What can the audience for your talk expect to get out of it?

An understanding of why taking the time to structure a large JS app up front can help keep things sane and organised further down the road. An overview of the tools I like for modularisation, tempting, testing and build process and some handy design patterns which can help keep code decoupled and clean.

Are there any speakers at the event you're really looking forward to hearing?

Drew McLellan's talk on performance looks interesting, I'm also looking forward to seeing my Mint colleague Peter Westendorp who has been doing some crazy stuff with 3D CSS recently.


Name: Andrew Appleton
Company: Mint Digital
Talk Title: The Modern JavaScript Application
Where: Future of Mobile / Future of Web Apps London
When: October 15-17, 2012

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